Amy and Jenny love one direction. Sometimes Amy thinks Jenny is a bit too much in love with them, like crazy in love with them. When Jenny does something crazy with one direction, all Amy wants to know is why?


17. Where the heck is Harry?

Louis's P.O.V

WE FOUND LIAM! SCORE!!! I am so happy to see him but we still need to find Harry.

Where the heck is Harry? asked Laim for the billionth time. I shrugged again.

We've checked all the rooms downstairs and all the rooms upsairs so where the heck is he? he asked again.

IF I KNEW I WOULD FRICKING TELL YOU! Zayn snapped. I don't blame him, Liam was really getting on everyones nerves. Liam sulked and folded his arms.

Sara sighed and yawned.

You tired, babe? I asked her. she nodded sleepily. I was about to suggest she sat down for a moment when Amy said something.

OMG, She said, Jenny is like the queen of fashion and has a huge walk-in-wardrobe, maybe Harry is in there.

He could be, Niall agreed.

Wouldn't hurt to look, said Zayn.

I went with Sara and Amy to see if Harry was in Jenny's wardrobe while Zayn, Liam and Niall checked in her sisters. Amy said she wasn't into clothes as much as her sister but her wardrobe was still probably big enough to hide a human in.

Amy knocked down the door to the wardrobe and we stepped in side. It was amazing. So many clothes. Hollister, Jack Wills and loads of different shoes. Vans, converes, pumas, blazers and CREEPERS.......but no Harry. I stepped back out of the wardrobe but the girls stayed in there, absolutely mesmorised. Niall, Liam and Zayn came in but before I could ask they shook their heads.

Where the heck is.......Liam began but Zayn stared him in to silence.

Suddenly there was a loud bang. And then another one. The girls ran out of the wardrobe.

Whats with the banging? asked Sara but before we could shrug or say I don't know the a bit of ceiling plaster fell on the floor. All at the same time we looked up and with one last bang the ceiling gave way.

Ceiling plaster and dust was everywhere. Zayn stood up, brushed him self off and the burst into laughter.

THAT WAS FRICKEN AWESOME!!!! He said. It was quite exciting. I stood up and brushed off some of the dust and helped Sara up. She was giggling.

Where is Amy? asked NIall as he stood up and picked a bit of plaster that was stuck  on his jumper. I looked around but couldn't see her. Then I noticed Harry. He was lying on a pile of rubble and was wiping dust out his eyes. Liam helped him up and gave him a bro hug. The rubble that Harry had been lying on started to shake. Then I noticed a hand was sticking out of it.


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