Amy and Jenny love one direction. Sometimes Amy thinks Jenny is a bit too much in love with them, like crazy in love with them. When Jenny does something crazy with one direction, all Amy wants to know is why?


14. The Simple Plan

Louis P.O.V

Seriously, Zayn, I said, how did you get free.
Well, he began, I just used my epic muscles and knocked the door down, it took a while but the door finally gave way. He flexed his muscles.
We all smirked at him. So, he said, who are the lucky ladies.
I put my arm round Sara. Sara smiled and stared at the ground. Sara is Amy's friend, I said, she was badly hurt by that badword Jenny. Niall and Amy blushed hard so they both looked like a pair of tomatoes.
Ummm, I'm Amy, she said, I was the who, you know....
Zayn interrupted, Hey! Your that girl who was in the basement. The one who got hit....
Niall gave him a look which probably meant shut up which is what he did. Amy's eyes filled up with tears and she sniffed hard. Niall glared at Zayn and put his arm round Amy. She wrapped her arms round him and hugged him tight.
OMG Amy , Zayn said, I'm so sorry.
Sara squeezed me tight.
Amy wiped her eyes and sniffed hard. It's alright Zayn, she said, it wasn't tour fault. I just thought Jenny was my best friend and then she did all this to me but its in the past and right now we have to focus on what to do next. Everyone nodded in agreement .
What's the plan? Asked Niall.
Well, began Amy, it's pretty simple. We just have to find Harry and Liam and contact the cops.
Yeah, I said, but it's not that simple. They could be in any room in this house and from what I can see, this house is pretty darn huge.
It is actually, Sara chipped in, it's most likely she only locked the rooms that Liam and Harry are in so we just need to find the locked rooms.
And I could us my super Zayn muscles to knock the doors down. It might take a while, the doors are pretty heavy, suggested Zayn.
No offence, Zayn , I said, but I think Amy better do that. She knocked me and Niall's doors almost instantly. Niall nodded in agreement.
Yeah, Amy said, I've been doing martial arts since I was eleven. Jenny did it with me, that's why she was so good at beating people up.
Zayn looked disappointed. But I can still help, he asked. Amy nodded and Zayn beamed.
Right, Niall said, All and all it seems like a pretty simple plan.
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