Amy and Jenny love one direction. Sometimes Amy thinks Jenny is a bit too much in love with them, like crazy in love with them. When Jenny does something crazy with one direction, all Amy wants to know is why?


9. Niall gets Saved

Louis P.O.V

I was so scared when Amy opened the door. I really thought it would be Jenny but it wasn't. It was someone else. I could tell Amy knew her. The girl at the door looked over at me and I smiled back. She is so pretty, I thought, she has silky brown hair and big brown eyes. She looked a little stunned and suddenly fainted. OMG, Sara, said Amy, are you alright? I ran over to her. Her eyes flickered and suddenly opened. I-I-is that L-l-Louis from O-one direction, she stammered. Amy and I nodded. Her eyes widened, which made her look even more beautiful. Amy helped her up and walked out the front door. Trust Jenny, she said, she left the front door open. Sara looked really confused. What's going on, she said. I had no idea what to say. I wasn't really sure what had happened. Long story, I said, but basically Jenny had kidnapped me and the rest of the boys and I have no idea where they are but I'm alright and Jenny's not here anymore. I said it really fast because I knew if I said it slowly I would have a major panic attack. I looked up at Sara. She looked even more confused but also concerned. Can't you just leave now, said Sara, the front doors open. You could just walk outta here and tell the police. She did have a good point. Not without the boys, I said. She nodded as she understood. Well what are we gonna do now? Asked Amy.

Amy's P.O.V

Sara was at the door for some strange reason. I was so happy to see her though. I very nearly cried because she would probably have a phone on her or something. She looked over my shoulder and saw louis. Then she fainted. I would have probably done the same if my favourite member of the most famous band in the world was standing just a few feet away. Louis ran over to her and then she woke up. She seemed okay but I was still wondering why she was here, at Jenny's house. She hates Jenny. And why would Jenny leave the front door open, she's smarter than that for sure. Sara suggested that we just leave and contact the police but louis wouldn't leave without the boys. I guess that makes sense because I wouldn't if I were him. What are we gonna do now? I asked. Louis and Sara looked a bit puzzled. I guess we could phone someone, said Sara.
Jenny took my phone, said louis .
Mine too, I said.
I left my phone in my moms car, but I bet Jenny has a house phone, said Sara. Of course, why hadn't I thought of that. We went on a search for the house phone. Why are you here, I asked Sara, don't you hate Jenny?
Well, started Sara, I don't hate Jenny, she hates me and I called you and you wouldn't answer and your mom said you were here so I just came.
Well, I'm glad you did, I said.
I FOUND THE PHONE! Yelled Louis. He was looking for it in the kitchen. Sara and I ran in to check it out. Louis had started to dial some nubers and pressed the call button but nothing happened. The phone wasn't working. Louis started to press all the buttons on the phone in frustration but nothing happened. Sara flicked the light switch but nothing happened. Jenny must have turned of the electricity. I could see her smirking face in my head. I am so mad at her and by the looks on louis and Sara's faces, they were pretty mad too.
Wait a minute, said Sara and she turned to louis, you said you would only leave if the boys were with you. Louis nodded. Then lets go find the boys!

Naill's P.O.V

I am so hungry. I haven't eaten since Jenny last gave me food which was ages ago. I feel like I could eat a horse. I'm so lonely in this room, all by my self. What am I gonna do. I miss the boys. I hope there alright. I heard someone's car drive away, maybe it was Jenny's, maybe she's gone but I also heard someone's car stop here so maybe she's back. Quite a whole ago I heard some banging and someone shouting for help. Maybe I should shout for help. HELP! I screamed at the top of my lungs. HELP! HELP HELP HEEELLLPP!!! I don't think anyone's coming . Suddenly, there's the sound of footsteps. Someone's knocking on my door. I'm so scared. Hello, is any one in there, says someone at at the other side of the door. It doesn't sound like like Jenny because its a guys voice. Who is it, I ask just to make sure. I wait for a reply. Duh, it's louis, says the voice, don't you know anything, anyway, I'm free and soon you will too. I am so relieved and I start to jump for joy. Now stand back, says a girls voice. I take a step back and the door crashes down. I run out the door and throw my sims round the first person I see. I'm so happy to be free but the person I just hugged wasn't louis, it was some one else. It was a girl. The girl who tried to save us from Jenny.
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