Amy and Jenny love one direction. Sometimes Amy thinks Jenny is a bit too much in love with them, like crazy in love with them. When Jenny does something crazy with one direction, all Amy wants to know is why?


8. New girl

Sara's P.O.V

I'm the new girl. I've always been the new girl. My parents move around a lot. They have no idea how hard it is for me, making new friends, leaving the old friends. Thats only if I have old friends to leave. At the last school I went to I didn't have any friends. I wore glasses and everyone teased me about it. Looking back, I did look ridiculous. I wore long skirts down past me knees, itchy jumpers and my glasses that were heavy and round. Four eyes, specky, I still hear the voices in my head. Luckily, at my new school everything is looking up. This girl called Amy decided to take me under her wing. She helped me round the school to get to my classes in time and she gave me a makeover. Plus I wear contacts now so no need for glasses. No one has teases me anymore. Thank god! I was really hoping that Amy would by my best friend, but she's all ready friends with Jenny. Jenny hates me. She thinks I'm trying to steal her best friend. We have nothing in common except that we both love one direction and that Louis is the best. Amy and I are gonna go shopping tomorrow and Jenny's not coming. Thank god I don't have to put up with her, she always looks at me like something her poodle spit up. I was so excited that after school I texted her non stop but there was no answer. I tried calling cell but no one picked up. I called her house and her mom picked up. Hello, she said, who is it? I wondered what to say, I haven't talked to Amy's mum before, what if she doesn't like me. Ummmm, it's Sara, Amy's friend from school, Amy wasn't picking up her phone and I was wondering if she's alright. Oh sorry, said Amy's mom, she went to Jenny's house to study,she'll probably be staying over night. Ok, I reply, goodbye. I hang up quickly, a little disappointed Amy wasn't there to talk. I try calling her several more times but no one answers. I'm starting to get a little worried. Maybe I'll go over to Jenny's house, the worst she can do is say go away. I put a bottle of water and a chocolate bar in my bag. Mum, I say , can you drive me some where? Okay, she replies, hop in the car.


My mom pulls up outside Jenny's house. Surprisingly, there's no car in the drive way. My mom obviously notices and says. Do you want me to stay for a bit. I was hoping she wouldn't say that. No I'll be alright, I say. She shrugs and drives off. I'm about to knock the door when I realise something. Shoot, I left my phone in the car. Moms already drove off. I bet Jenny has a house phone I could use. I knock the door. Someone's definitely inside, I can hear them talking. Someone's coming down the stairs. I hear the latch unlock and the door opens. Amy's standing in front of me. Her eyes like saucepans. She looks very surprised but also a little....relieved. Someone's standing beside her.OMG, IT'S LOUIS FROM ONE DIRECTION!!! He gives me one of his cheesy smiles. The room starts spinning, and that's when I faint.
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