Amy and Jenny love one direction. Sometimes Amy thinks Jenny is a bit too much in love with them, like crazy in love with them. When Jenny does something crazy with one direction, all Amy wants to know is why?


11. Back to the Basement

Jenny's P.O.V

I examined my knuckles. They were bruised and sore. I shoved my hands on to my pockets so mom wouldn't see. What took you so long, honey. Said mom when I finally got back in the car.
I couldn't find my book, I mumbled. She could tell I was in a bad mood and she diecided to leave the conversation at that. She started the engine and we were on our way.

Louis P.O.V

I woke up with a start. My head was sore and there was blood in my pillow. Where the heck am I, I thought. The room was damp and dark and the only light was coming from a little lamp at the corner of the room. I was in the basement. The horrible dark, damp basement. I could see Niall. He was sitting in a chair next to a bed with his head in his hands. Sitting on a chair on the other side of the bed was Amy. She was sobbing loudly and holding the person in the beds hand. I stood up to see who was in the bed. It was Sara. She was covered in cuts and bruises, there was blood all over her. A tear rolled down my cheek. I leaned over and kissed her forehead, she was freezing cold. I was about to burst out crying when I relised she was still breathing. I shook Sara gently. Her eyes flickered and very slowly opened. W-what happened, she whispered.
Your not dead, OMG, I was so worried, said Amy. She wiped her eyes and flung her arms round Sara's neck. Sara winced in pain. Owwww, she said. Amy pulled away.
Sorry, she said, you look so hurt. You seriously need to wipe your face, there's blood all over it.
Amy was right. There was blood round her nose where it had obviously been bleeding and she had a very swollen black eye and bruises all over her arms and legs but she still looked beautiful. I walked over to Niall and put my hand on his shoulder, he still looked worried. Will she be alright? he asked me. He looked up at me as if he was about to start crying himself. How am I supposed to know? I replied.
Well your moms a nurse, shouldn't you know, he said. I sighed.
She looks okay but I don't really know, I said. Niall clenched his fists. What is it, Niall. I asked.
Nothing, he said, I just hate this blooming basement.

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