meeting who? (a one direction story)

amy and her borther max are just to teenagers liveing on there owne but what happens when leo becomes the new durmmer for one direction and amy becomes friends whit all the boy. but two of the boy like her.


1. chapther1


hey guys my name is amy wills and me and my borther max wills are just your reguler teenageser we live by owre slefs becaus our parerts never cared about us. my borther max is a really good durmer and he said he has some good news to tell me. and let me just put this out there that i,m a BIG DIRECTIONER! ok guys got to go max just got home.


hey guy im max and i have some really good news to tell her i got a new job as one directions new durmer and we will be liveing to egleand to nighht. i wlaked in the door and amy gaive me a big huge. amy i have some good new i got a new jod as one directions new drummer. what!?!?! really!. yes and we are liveing to night to go to egland. OMG iI LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ok well we better go pake.

OMG i can't belive that my borther just got a job as ONE DIRECTIONS NEW DURMMER!!!!!!!! i ran up stares and stared pakeing up all my sutff the i went downe staires whit max and we whent to the air port. when we got there we put our stuf down and got on the play and now we are of to egland. im so happy rigth now

A/N hey guys do yall like how it stared comment and let me know

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