Really seriously retarted

A girl talking about her life, but mostly talking about why she hates school


1. uhk why

Woo!. Finally, summer vacation, the only thing that I have been waiting for ever since my mom put me in this hell. All these days of misery finally gone. But unfortunately I have to go back in three months. I mean we spend nine fricken stupid months in this place that everyone really thinks is a piece of crud but go to anyway to become smart, and now I only have three fricken months to spend time with my family. This prison is depriving me of my childhood, and my family bond time, wait actually I dont really care about the family bonding time thing though . Anyway the teachers , uhk, dont even get me started. Mr Ramaglisee is so fat, he doesnt need the internet to communicate, he is already worldwide. And he thinks that he is so good at math (get this) When we asked him what two plus two was he said four. When everyone knows two plus two is fish. He is so retarted he doesnt even know the answer to that, and that is easy Science. Oh and dont even get me started on Ms. Juber. She teaches science. She said that matter is anything that takes up space when everyone knows that matter is something you ask someone when they are crying, mad ,or depressed. But even the simplest things teachers can get they are so stupid. Like I was in class the other day, and Mr. Ramaglisee asked me what three plus three was. and like any other girl in the class would say i said eight. then Mr. Ramaglisee just starts getting started on this logic that three plus three equals six, I mean who ever heard of such ridiculousness, such mockery, such foolery. After I had expressed my feelings and thoughts to Mr. Ramaglisee, I got sent to the princapals office, and after I expressed my feelings to the princaple, ........, I got EXPELLED. I mean how bad is it for a child to express there feelings i guess old people just cant accept the facts. The facts that they dont know anything, and that is partially what i told the principle. I mean really really expelling me. This is a bunch of doo doo and i for one am not going to take this dump on my toilet, and the teachers better recognize, that it will be i taking dumpz and producing chunks on their toilets. From now on it is I who will be clogging or backing up as others would like to call it,backing up their toilets, because they are what you call b.u.t.t.s butts if they couldnt spell that either. Them retards

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