Who do I choose?

16 year old Elizabeth (me ;)) has been bullied all her life. But today? Today was different. Who would have thought that one little comment would change her life forever?
*I will try to update as much as I can!*


1. This is my life

     Hey! what's up eeryone! Well, for starters, they call me Elizabeth Smith. I am 16 years old and I live in a small town called Gilbert, Arizona. Which is why I wanna move. Knowing that nobody famous lives here. Anyway, incase you can't tell, I am a HUGE One Direction fan! I have loved them from the very begining. They are amazing singers and super hot!!!! Especually Harry. Anyway, you know that one gilr in class who sits in the very back of the room and never raises her hand because she's afraid, well, that's me. And that one boy who's constantly picking on her, is named Zack. I am afraid every single day to go to school. Always worried of what he would say next. Oh well, everyday, I hold in my tears. Just hoping that he doesn't see.



*Elizabeth's POV*

   'That's what makes you beautiful' My alarm clock sang loudly.

I slamed thth alarm clock with my fist and slowly got up. I hate Monday's so much. It's one more week dealing with Zack. I'm so sick of him. Anyway, I took a deep, dipressing breath as I looked in the mirror. To be honest, I thought I looked like the ugliest girl on the planet. The only thing that can make me feel beautiful are two of One Direction songs called, 'What makes you beautiful' and 'Little things'. I listened to only those two songs the whole time I got ready. I straitened my gold brown hair and put on my mascara. Afterwords, I put on my white shorts and my favorite purple top that says, 'Fall in Love.' After I got ready, I put my school bag on and started to walk to school with a tear in my eye, knowing what was going to happen today...Zack.

As I got to the school grounds, I saw Hannah with a smile waving hi to me. I waved back. As I looked to my right, I saw Zack. With a smile on my face running towards me. "Hey." He says as he turns next to me. "What do you want zack?" I asked a little harsh. But I didn't care. "Ouch. Hurt much. I just wanted to say hi to the ugly girl I've come to know. By the way, your friends are only your friends because they feel sorry for you. They feel sorry because you arn't as pretty as they are. Got to go." He yells running away.

As he ran away, The tears in my eyees stung. When I finally got to Hannah, she didn't say anything, All she did was give me a tigh hug. "I herd everything... It's not even close to the truth." with that, the bell rang.



*PS:) Thank you for reading the first movell ever writen by yours truly. If you discribe yourself in the comment section, you can be in the story! Just leavve your name, age, and who you want to date in the band. Thank you ;)

Chow baby!!!!!!!



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