Who do I choose?

16 year old Elizabeth (me ;)) has been bullied all her life. But today? Today was different. Who would have thought that one little comment would change her life forever?
*I will try to update as much as I can!*


4. Thank you...

After we had our chicken, I was beyond full. I felt like it hurt to blink. "I'm... FUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL!!!!" Harry yelled at the top of his lungs as we got in the car. "Hahaha you don't think I am? I've never eaten that much before." We both laughed at each other. " sooo... It's almost 7, I think i need to go home. I haven't seen my dad all day." "awwww. Ok but it's Friday. So tomorrow Saturday can I see you then?" He asked sounding likes he's hurt. "Ok deal. This was really fun!" With that, we were off. "Soo... What was your favorite part from today?" He asks trying to break the silence. "This moment right here." I said, not meaning to flirt. "What about you?" I asked more imbariced than ever. "Bumping into you." When he said that, I had the biggest smile on my face with my cheeks burning red. "You know what, I change my answer. I'm with yours." I told him looking straight into his beautiful blue green eyes, just lost. Next thing I know, he caught me staring. As soon as I noticed he saw me, I quickly looked straight at the road.

"you like what you see?" He asked with his adorable dimples. "I don't know. I'm more of a Niall fan." I said hoping to get off subject soon. "You love me and you know it!" He said playfully punching my shoulder. "Hey!" I said loudly. "You deserved it."
As I was daydreaming while talking to Harry, I didn't know we were home. "So where is your house Lizzy?" It took me a few seconds to catch up. "Oh sorry. Take a left at the next turn and it's the second house to the right." I said. "Day dreaming huh." Ha asked. " sorta." I said. "About me?" He asked with a grin. "You know what, what happens in my head is very personal... And... Maybe." "I KNEW IT!!!" He screamed. "Hahaha what ever... Sorry." I said as we got to my house. "So what time should I be ready by tomorrow?" I asked. "Umm say tenish?"

"Okay!" I said. "Don't be sorry. I'm glad I was me in your daydream." I gave him a small smile and grabbed the door handle. As I felt something touch my hand, I looked to see Harry's hand. As I looked at him and quickly felt a pair of lips on my cheek. "I had to." He said with his adorable smile. "Thank you. I can't wait until tomorrow." And with that, I was out of his car. All I could think of was harry. My head was a huge rollercoaster. As I got in, I waved Harry goodbye and I sa my dad on his bed still. Wow. I've never seen him sleep this much before. I left a note next to his bed that said 'hey! I'm so sorry I barely saw you today. My friend took me to the hospital and I got a pretty pink cast. Oh yeah. I ran into my friend and took me there. I will see you tomorrow and I love you so much. GOODNIGHT!!!' After I left the note, I heard a knock on the door. As I answered it, I saw Harry. "Oh hey" I said. "Hey! I forgot something." He had a look in his eye. As I got outside so I didn't wake up my dad, a pair of hands touched my waist, I looked up to see Harry coming closer and closer. As he kissed me, I kissed back. I couldn't believe what was happening. This is every girls dream. As he backed away, he said. "Sorry. I usually don't do it to a girl I met that day, but you're different. I feel like I've known you my whole life."
"I feel the exact same way." There was a moment of silence. "Oh. Can I have your number?" He asked. I told him as he typed it into his phone. "I'll text you as soon as possible." I gave him the biggest smile. "Okay. And no need to be sorry. I wanted to do that ever since th hospital." I confessed. "I wanted to do that sooner... Good night. I can't wait until tomorrow." He said as he walked to his car. I was frozen. Just hoping I don't wake up. Hoping I was in reality.
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