Who do I choose?

16 year old Elizabeth (me ;)) has been bullied all her life. But today? Today was different. Who would have thought that one little comment would change her life forever?
*I will try to update as much as I can!*


2. My unexpected walk.

     My whole day at school, all I thought of what Zack said. I knew it wasn't true but it felt like someone stabed me in the heart.


Finally! school was over. With tears still in my eyes. I don't know why. I had my ipod in and it was all One Direction music. Which brought a smile to my face. As I got to my house, Inran straight to my room. and ploped my bag on my bed and with my phone, I was going on a walk. I still needed time alone. I snuck out of the house with my dad taking a nap in his room, I left a note on the kitchen counter, I was off. On my walk, I decided to check twitter. Nothing but insults from the boy I know and hate, Zack. More and more tears came out of my eyes. Why does he hate me so much? What have I done? As I exited out of twitter, I satired at my walpaper which was One Direction of course. as I staired, I didn't notice that I ran into somebody. Stupid, clumsy me. "Oh I'm so so sorry. Are you okay?" I asked not bothering to look up at him. "hahaha. So are you a fan of One Direction?" Asked the man. I gotta say, he sounded familliar. "Oh yeah, their my favorite ban-" I was cut of by looking up and relizing who it was. Harry. "I-I'm so sorry." I said again.

"It's alright love." As I got up, I instantly fell with a shooting pain in my right leg. "Oh my God are you okay?" He asked concerned. "What? Oh yeah yeah I'll be fine." I said with another tear in my eye. As I tried to get up again, I fell. Again. "Okay, we need to get you to a doctor. Here." Harry said as he picked me up bride style. As we got to his hotel, there was his car. Wow. He has good taste. He slid me in the pasengers seat and started driveing. There was an awkward silence. "I'm sorry. We haven't met properly yet. I'm Elizabeth!" I said cheerfully. "And I'm Harry. As you probably know." "haha yeah. Probably." I laughed. "Again, I'm so sorry about this." I appoligized. "Stop apoligizing it's all fine. I'm glad I can help." He said.

"Thank you" I said as we talked about randome things in the car. He is nothing like I thought he was. He's even better.  

"Oh my land!" I screamed. "What's wrong?!" "Oh i'm sorry I just forgot top tell my dad. I'm sorry for scaring you." I said. "Elizabeth, stop it." He said playfully punching my sholder. "Stop what?" I asked. "Saying sorry for every single thing."

"Sorry. Force of habbit." He looked at me with a 'really?' look on his face. I sent my dad the text and we were at the hospital.

   "Hey, Elizabeth Hooks. She has a broken foot!" he said wrather quickly. She gave him a form and sat down next to me. "Aaaaaaaaand...done." Harry said slowly. He pretty much knows everything from the car ride. A few moments later, "Elizabeth Hooks." Called the nurse. He picked me up bride style again and carried me to the room. "The doctor will be in here shortly." The nurse said as she closed the door. "well this is fun." I said to break the awkward silense. He laughed and looked at me. He is so much cuter in person! "Just out of ciriosity, why were you on a walk...on your own?" I asked. "I don't know. I just had tro get away I guess. I'm actually glad I did." He said with a giggle. "Why?" "Your so much funner with the guys." I just laughed ay his grammer. I could feel myself blushing. The doctor came in with my xrays. "Well Elizabeth, As soon as we give you a cast, you will be ready to go!" The doctor said with a smile. I smiled and looked at Harry. Who waws smileing as well. "What color cast do you want? We have white, black, blue, and pink." "Pink please!" I said with no hesitation. "Well then we'll be back momentarelly." And with that, the doctor was out.

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