Who do I choose?

16 year old Elizabeth (me ;)) has been bullied all her life. But today? Today was different. Who would have thought that one little comment would change her life forever?
*I will try to update as much as I can!*


5. Cute text fight.

Harry's POV

I never thought I could ever like a girl the way I like Elizabeth. The whole ride, she was the only one I thought of. I know we only met 10 hours ago, but I really like her. I didn't want to rush anything but, I had to. The kiss was special. It felt like bombs and fireworks were nonstop going off in my stomach. Not anyone I ever kissed was nearly like that.

As I got home, I saw all the boys looking at me. I could tell that they knew something was up. I knew I had to tell them. "Haaaarrrrryyy! What happened?!" Louis asked. "I met a girl today. We had tons of fun. And...I kissed her." I said with my cheeks burning up. "This girls different huh?" Liam asked. "Yeah. No one ever made me feel this way. And it's only been a day. I'm gonna ask her out tomorrow." I said. "Ok only if we get to meet her tomorrow." Zayn said. I looked at Niall and he was grinning at me. I could not tell what he was thinking. I don't think I wanted to either. Well guys, I'm pooped, I'm going to bed.
I was wide awake… but all I wanted to think about was Elizabeth. As I sat on m bed, I took out m phone.

Me: Hey beautiful.
Lizzy:) oh hey!
Me: what cha up to?!?!?
Lizzy:) lain in bed. Wide awake. Bord out of my mind.
Me: I can change it!
Lizzy:) yeah? And how?
Me: TEXT ME!!!
Lizzy:) I never thought of that :P
Me: see! I'm smarter than you think.
Lizzy:) hahaha... I don't know.
Me: well, the guys know we kissed.
Lizzy:) should I be worried.
Me: just a little Wanna come over after our day tomorrow?
Lizzy:) I'd love to!
Me: awesome! I'm exsided.
Lizzy:) not as excited as me!!!
Me: nope... That's not possible.
Lizzy:) wanna bet?
Me: sure if your not as excited, you have to kiss me tomorrow.
Lizzy:) oooo. Tough guy.
Me: I live on the wild side. What if I loose
Lizzy:) it's a surprise.
Me: ooooh. I see how it is. I'm more excited. The boys will love you.
Lizzy:) I hope so. You know what? I win. I'm getting really tired so I'm gonna go ahead and go to bed. GOOD NIGHT!!!!
Me: can't wait to see the surprise ;)
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