Liza finally thinks she found the perfect guy for her. When she finds out what he did... she becomes broken. She changes. Welcoming her new self.


2. makeover


                                                               Liza P.O.V

                             I woke up really late about noon,well to me it was late.I quickly got dressed and did my makeup.Without even caring what I looked like,I rushed out the door.I called one of my best friends in New York and told her that I'm meeting her at her place.I didn't even wait for an answer I just hung up and drove to her apartment."Hey Liza,whats up?"Alex said as she was letting me in. Her hair was in a cute scene hair style,with green and blue highlights.It went perfectly with her green day t-shirt and black skinny jeans."I hate my look! This was what my parents wanted not what I wanted.I wanted to be "scene" like you."I said as I was sitting down."Woah,slow down.What do you want me to do?Give you a makeover or something?" I nodded.Alex lead me into her room and threw a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans at me,she was going to throw shoes at me,but she said,"Just pick a pair of vans off the floor.Change and tell me when you done." I quickly got dressed and slipped on the vans.When Alex came back in she had hair dye,a pair of scissors, and a can of hair spray."Close your eyes,I want it to be a surprise."


                      "Done"Alex finally said.i opened my eyes and saw...who I wanted to be."Now I am taking you shopping,lets go!" Alex said running out of her apt.





A/N:Sorry for the crappy chapter >.<


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