Liza finally thinks she found the perfect guy for her. When she finds out what he did... she becomes broken. She changes. Welcoming her new self.


1. finding out


                            Liza had many break ups. From when she first started dating in 6th grade to now,shes now 21, but when she moved to New York she found him, Wayne, even the thought of him made her feel as if she melted.She had gotten a text from her friend back in Washington.

                                                                                Hey,Liza g8 2 know u made it safe. I might go over to NY


                       She giggled at the thought of Shelly ever coming here. Shelly was her best friend from Washington. Liza went out to her car and drove to Wayne's house. She heard a female voice, his mother wasn't visiting since she was in Germany and she hates flying. She unlocked the lock with her key and walked in seeing Wayne watching T.V. She knows something is up, it was a female voice and the T.V was on football."Hey Liza, whats up?" Wayne said walking into the kitchen.Liza followed him into the kitchen where she saw him kissing another women."Wayne!" Liza said covering her mouth and trying to hold back her tears."Liza, its not what it looks like." He said with a shocked look on his face."UGH!"She stormed out of his house and drove to central park. Maybe the peace of the park will calm her yet she finds nothing that could help her.While shes walking around looking for somewhere she could be alone she thinks about her life... the real her.All her life she had wear dresses with her hair done neatly,but that wasn't her that was her parents "perfect" child as they called her.


                              Liza finally found out who she was.She was someone else...

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