Everything about you

Taylor's parents divorced and she is moving to London, leaving everyone behind. Taylor's best friend Kayla will be moving in when she turns 18. She runs into the one and only Harry Styles on the plane to London. What will happen when tragedy strikes Taylor and her family? When she finds out two of the boys have feelings for her? Who will she chose?


9. Phone call


Chapter 8; Harry POV

I woke up the next morning with my arm around Taylor’s waist. I liked waking up like this. I crawled out of bed and grabbed my phone. I had three missed calls. One from Louis, one from Zayn, and one from Niall. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some pancake mix. I started the pancakes and called Louis back. It rang three times before he answered. “Hello?” “Hey, Louis you called last night?” “Yeah you didn’t come home, where are you?” “Well, I stayed with Taylor last night.” I heard him laugh. “OH! What happened?” “Nothing really, we watched a movie and ate dinner. Then well, we had a heavy make out session. But nothing further.” “Oh, so you got teased?” “Yeah pretty much, I don’t know what it is about her, but I have never felt this way about a girl. She gives me butterflies, as cheesy as it sounds, she does.”

“Do I really give you butterflies?” I didn’t hear her walk in and I jumped. “Louis, I got to call you back.” I hung up the phone.

“Uh, yeah.” She didn’t respond instead she kissed me. It was like fireworks exploded. I heard the ding on the stove signaling breakfast was done. I pulled away from the kiss and set the table. We ate our pancakes and Taylor did the dishes.

“Thank you babe, that was amazing!”

“You’re welcome, what do you want to do today?”

“Do you want to invite the boys over?”

“Yeah, that sounds fun.” I called the boys and they said that they would be here in a half hour.

** Half hour later; Taylor’s POV

I was adding the finishing touches on my makeup when I heard the doorbell ring. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Harry standing in the kitchen. I walked to the door and opened it.

“Hey guys!” They all came in and kissed my cheek. It felt a little weird when Louis kissed me. I brushed it off though and plugged in the Xbox. The boys were playing for a while when my phone rang. I grabbed it and saw Kayla’s face pop up. “Hey hoe.” “Hey slut.” “So, I was talking to my mom today and she said that when you come and get me she’s sending extra money. I don’t fucking know why.” All the boys looked at me. I ignored it. “Uh, okay.” “By the way your mom is PISSED that you haven’t called, my mom tried to tell her you’ve been busy with a certain someone!” Harry laughed. “You’re a bitch sometimes, that someone is in the damn room.” Kayla’s jaw dropped so I turned the phone around and she saw all the boys. “Holy shit! Why didn’t I leave with you?” “Well, you’re 17 so you couldn’t.” “Holy fuck, you can legally drink there! Taylor have you?” I cannot believe she said that. I shook my head no and she sighed in relief. “Anyway, Christmas is only three months away. It’s going to be weird as fuck without you.” “Yeah, I know. I don’t even remember not spending Christmas with you, has anyone told my dad?” “No, but I heard that he has been getting into shit. Like, well, you know the shit that goes on around here.” I loved my dad with everything in me. I didn’t like him putting himself in danger. I lost my brother/ best friend when I was 14 to drugs. He was 16. “Tay, are you okay?” “Yeah, I am fine. I just don’t want what happened to Joey happen to him.” Kayla’s face went blank and I felt tears forming in my eyes. I got up and walked out of the room. “Tay, I miss you a lot. I miss Joey too.” “Yeah, I miss you too, and Joey. I don’t want to loose my dad the same way I lost him. I got to go though.” “Okay, I love you” “I love you too.” I pulled myself together and walked back out into the living room. The boys stopped the game. Harry patted his lap and I sat down. Liam was the first one to speak.

“Who is Joey?” He had a concerned look on his face.

“Joey is my brother, and when he was 16 he overdosed.” I felt my eyes burning and didn’t even realize a tear fell until Harry wiped it away.

“Babe, I think it’s time you tell everyone your story.” Harry looked at me, I truthfully didn’t want to talk about it but I figured I should. I started telling everyone and by the time I was done I was crying, not a lot though. Louis was the first to get up and hug me. Then everyone else followed. I wanted to go out and drink. Not a lot.

“Guys can we go to a bar or something?” They were all about to tell me no when Harry talked.

“No, but we can go get some beer and vodka and drink here.” I wasn’t about to argue with them.

“Okay, grab some Fanta. It’s so good with vodka” The boys left and I stayed home. I walked into my room and changed into some sweats and a tee shirt. I pulled my hair up into a bun when I heard the door open. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. The boys were in the kitchen and I grabbed the vodka and a Fanta to mix my drink. Harry came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. We all went into the living room and talked for a while.

“Hey guys, we should play truth or dare!” I cannot believe Louis brought that up. This was going to be a long night.

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