Everything about you

Taylor's parents divorced and she is moving to London, leaving everyone behind. Taylor's best friend Kayla will be moving in when she turns 18. She runs into the one and only Harry Styles on the plane to London. What will happen when tragedy strikes Taylor and her family? When she finds out two of the boys have feelings for her? Who will she chose?


2. Nervous


Chapter two: Harry POV -

I don’t know what it is but when I talked to Taylor I felt like I could be myself. That doesn’t usually happen a lot. She’s not another one night stand or anything like that. I like her. A lot. I texted her last night and told her goodnight, and we should hang out. She said maybe. I heard a bunch of noises coming from the living room, so I walked out there. Of course the boys were here.

“Hey mate, anything happen last night on the plane?” Louis winked at me.

“Um, no? Why?” All the boys were staring at me now.

“Well here.” Louis threw me his phone. I looked down at it and there was a picture of me and Taylor.

“Oh, that’s Taylor. She’s really fun. I met her on the plane, well I ran into her and we ended up sitting next to each other. But, she’s really pretty and cool.” The boys seemed to be back into what ever they were doing before. I walked into the kitchen and looked for some food. I put some bread in the toaster and turned around. Louis was standing in the doorway.

“Anything happen with you and Taylor mate?”

“No, she’s not another one night stand if that’s what you mean.” Louis looked amused.

“Yeah, okay, so you like her?”

“I don’t really know mate, I don’t know if she likes me. All I know for sure is she is a fan.” Louis turned around and went into the living room. I ate my toast and went to shower. I took a long shower. When I was done I sent a text to Taylor. “Morning beautiful. What are you doing today? Xx.” A couple minutes later she replied. “I’m going to look for a flat and that’s it. Why?” I thought about what I was about to do. “Would you like to go out tonight for dinner?” I hope she didn’t turn me down. This text didn’t even take a minute to get. “Yeah, I would love to. What time?” “I’ll pick you up at 8?” “Sounds good, I have to go. See you later. Xx.” I went out to the boys and sat on the couch. Apparently I had a smile on my face.

“Harry, why are you smiling?” Louis asked me.

“Oh, uh, I have a date tonight.” The boys once again stopped playing and looked at me.

“Is it with…”

“Yes, Louis, It is with Taylor why?”

“Oh nothing, just curious.” The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. I got up to get ready. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans, and a white shirt. I was ready in 5 minutes and it was already 7:50. I went outside and got into my car. I drove to Taylor’s hotel and went upstairs to her room. It was 7:58 when I knocked. I was never so nervous about going on a date but for some reason I was. She opened the door and she looked beautiful. She was wearing a blue dress and her boobs looked amazing. I stood there staring for a minute.

“Hey, you look amazing love. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, let me grab my bag.” We walked out of the hotel and to my car. I opened the passenger door for her and hopped in the driver seat.



** Guys, just wanted to say we are not talking about Taylor Swift. Never that. I hope you guys like it. Keep reading . Love y'all . 


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