Everything about you

Taylor's parents divorced and she is moving to London, leaving everyone behind. Taylor's best friend Kayla will be moving in when she turns 18. She runs into the one and only Harry Styles on the plane to London. What will happen when tragedy strikes Taylor and her family? When she finds out two of the boys have feelings for her? Who will she chose?


15. Goodbye

Chapter 14; Taylor POV

I woke up when I heard the flight attendant announce that we would be landing soon. I walked off the plane and searched for my mom. There were a lot of paparazzi there and they were yelling my name and asking what it was like to be dating Harry and other stuff. I saw my mom in the back and ran to her.

“Mom” She wrapped me in a motherly hug and I heard the pap’s taking pictures.

“Hello baby, I want to know why all these paparazzi are following you around?”

“Well, you know that band I like One Direction?”


“I’m kind of dating one of them, the one with the curly hair” My mom squealed.

“Aw baby, I’m so happy for you but let’s get out of here before one of us go blind.” We walked out to the car and I called Harry and told him I landed. He asked how my flight was and I told him that paparazzi were at the airport when I got there. He sounded irritated but asked to make sure I was okay. I got off the phone with him when we pulled up to the hospital.

“Baby, are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah” That was a lie though, I knew as soon as I saw my dad I would break. My mom walked up to the lady at the desk and she gave her a visitor pass for me. Right before my mom opened the door she tuned towards me.

“Are you ready?”

“Yeah” She opened the door and the sight tore me apart. I started crying and walked up to my dad.

“Hi baby” His voice sounded all groggy.

“Hi dad” I managed to get out in between tears. My dad and I talked for a while, I was telling him about Harry when my phone rang.

“Actually that’s him, can I take this real quick?”

“Yeah baby” I walked into the hallway and answered.


“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m okay…”

“I’m with the boys; do you care if I put you on speaker?”

“No, go ahead” I heard all the boys scream hi and I giggled.

“Hi boys”

“We all wanted to know how it was going?”

“Um, good” My mom walked out to the hall and said my dad wanted me to come in the room and talk.

“You sure, you don’t seem like you are.”

“Yeah, I’m fine” I looked at my dad and he wanted me to put them on speaker. “Guys, my dad wants me to put you on speaker okay?”

“Yeah” I clicked the speaker button. My dad started talking.

“So which one of you boys is the one dating my daughter?” I could almost see Harry’s face turn red.

“Um, that would be me sir”

“Ok, I just want to tell you that she loves you very much, and I want to ask you something son.”

“Thank you, and yeah sure what is it?”

“Take good care of my baby girl when I am gone okay son?” I broke down into tears. My mom came up to me and hugged me.

“I will sir, if something ever happens between us no matter what it is I will watch out for her until the day I die.”

“Good to hear. If you don’t mind, can she call you back in a little bit? I want to talk to her.”

“Yeah that’s fine.”

“Goodbye son, I wish I could’ve met you” I cried even harder.

“Goodbye sir, I wish I could too.” My dad hung up the phone and opened his arms, I ran to him. We laid there crying for a good hour or two until he spoke.

“Baby, I need you to do me a favor?” I already knew what he was going to ask.


“Will you pull the plug? It’s time for me to go, I love you and your mom so much. You will always be in my mind even when I’m gone. I love you so much I can’t explain. I don’t want you to ever think this is your fault, it isn’t.”

“Dad, I can’t…” Just then a nurse walked in.

“If she can’t pull the plug, and you feel it is your time we will have someone come in and pull it.” My dad looked at me.

“Dad, I’m sorry I can’t do it.” I started crying again.

“It’s okay baby, I understand. Can you bring someone in? It is my time.”

“Yeah, I will be right back”

“Dad, I love you so much. I am so sorry this happened to you, you will always be in my heart. I love you more than I love life itself. I wish this didn’t happen.” I walked over and sat on his bed.

“Baby, everything will be alright okay? I love you too more than you will ever know. I wish I could go back and change everything that happened to this family. But I can’t. Just know that I love you so so much baby. I love your momma too, more than she will ever know. This is my time though. I will always watch over you and I am so proud of you for everything you have ever accomplished.” Just then the doctor came in. My mom walked over to the bed.

“I love you babe, I know I messed up and I wish we never got a divorce. I’m so sorry. I mean it when I say I love you”

“I love you to” My mom kissed my dad for the last time ever.

“Tay, baby come here.” He kissed me on the cheek. “I love you both so much.” The doctor then took us out of the room. I collapsed on the floor and cried. My mom sunk down the wall and put my head in her lap.

“Shh, baby we will be alright.” The noise the life support machine made fell silent. All I could do was cry.


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