Everything about you

Taylor's parents divorced and she is moving to London, leaving everyone behind. Taylor's best friend Kayla will be moving in when she turns 18. She runs into the one and only Harry Styles on the plane to London. What will happen when tragedy strikes Taylor and her family? When she finds out two of the boys have feelings for her? Who will she chose?


3. First date


Chapter three; Taylor’s POV  It was 7:55 and I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup. I decided to wear a little bit of foundation, some eyeliner, and mascara. I already had my dress on and my hair curled. I heard the door bell ring and looked at my phone to check the time. 7:58. Hm, right on time. I skipped to the door and opened it. Wow… He looked good. We stood there staring at each other for a few minutes until he broke the silence. “Hey you looked amazing love. Are you ready to go?” I was still in utter amazement at how good he looked but managed to find words.  “Yeah, let me grab my bag.” I walked out of my room and locked it. When we got to his car he opened the passenger door for me. How sweet! When he slid into the driver side I turned on the radio. Of course Kiss You was playing. I quietly sung to myself. I don’t like singing in front of other people but this song just makes me sing. I felt eyes keep looking at me and looking back at the road.  “What?” I asked Harry.  “Taylor, you have an amazing voice!” I hate when people say that because I don’t.  “No, I don’t.”  “Yes you do!” I didn’t feel like arguing so I just kept singing.  When we pulled up at the restaurant Harry got out and opened up my door. We walked in and were seated immediately in the back.  “So, how did looking for a flat go?” “Oh, yeah! I bought one.”  “When do you get to move in love?” “Um, tomorrow.” “Do you need any help?” “Yeah, I can’t move it all by myself, my mom sent me a bunch of stuff and its all in my hotel room!” “Okay, do you mind if I ask the boys to help too?” “No, that would be amazing!” “Is it just you living there?”  “No, well yeah, in a year I’m flying back to the states and my best friend is moving with me here.” I set my menu down because I knew what I wanted to order. The waiter came and took our orders. I knew he kept staring at me, and it was a little awkward because Harry was staring to. The rest of the night was amazing. We finished eating and Harry paid the bill. “Are you ready to go love?” Harry asked.  “Yeah.” We walked out to his car, and of course he opened the door for me. We made small talk in the car until we got to my hotel. We walked up the stairs. “What time do you want me and the boys to come get you tomorrow?” I didn’t really think about that. “Um, how about like 10?”  “Sounds good! I’ll see you then.” I hugged Harry goodbye and he kissed my check. I felt my face turn a million different shades of pink and red. Harry laughed and said goodnight. I walked into my hotel room and jumped in the shower. I don’t know what it is about Harry but I think I really like him. I don’t normally fall for guys after what happened to me in an old relationship but I feel like I can trust Harry. I got out of the shower and changed into pajamas. I sent Harry a text. “Night Harry. I had a wonderful time. See you in the morning.” I set my alarm and fell asleep.   
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