Chapter 21

Im trying to get this chapter with the other two but for some reason it is not going through


10. Nailed To The Cross

When your alone and blue, nothing to do
Turn your radio on and
Listen to the good old Gospel news
Jesus is coming!

Think about how he died for you and I
With his hands nailed down
Picture him there with the sun shining on him
So hot, with nothing to drink

He was given vinger and gall
How mean and selfish
He was mocked, yelled at, cursed, and spit on to
Was even beat on the head

There was a sign that read, This is Jesus, King of the Jews

How do you think his "mother" must have felt
To see her precious son nailed there for all to see
She stood there, I bet with tears running down her face
Looking at his sweet face

Thinking about him
She was so proud as any mother would be
To know her son
"Died" to save us from our sins

He didn't turn away or try to run
The way, men does today
He finished it
Like the man he was

Now think of man today
Is there one today, who would lay
His life down for us
No not one
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