I saved you and you saved me

This is about a girl who is best friends with Harry styles but when he auditions for the xfactor will they still be friends or will he forget about her?


7. Surprise milkshake city visit?

Hannah's P.O.V.

My alarm was going off at 6:00 am and I slowly dragged my self into the bathroom and didn't not want to wake up. I pulled my apron on and got in my car and drove to milkshake city. My boss greeted me and let me back behind the counter. The door bell rang and my head poped up. Harry and his friends walked in and ordered a milkshake each. I got it ready and they sat down. I listened to them laughing and chatting and I wanted so desperately to go over there and see what they were talking about. They stayed all threat until my shift was over. I told my boss I was leaving and walked over to the table with the boys. "Hey you look pretty cute in that uniform!!" I whipped my head around and looked at Harry. He only said that because he knows I hate my uniform. I slapped him playfully on the arm. He laughed and I told him we should all get something to eat. "That's a great idea where?" He said. Niall's eyes lit up. I looked up at him and he said"nandossss!!!" I laughed at his excitement and got up and left with the boys.

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