I saved you and you saved me

This is about a girl who is best friends with Harry styles but when he auditions for the xfactor will they still be friends or will he forget about her?


2. sleepover


Hannah's P.O.V


I woke up not rembering going to sleep and Harry was gone. I hop into the shower and change into my pajamas. Then I walk back to my rooms and found Harry sitting on my bed. " what are you doing?" I ask. " sleepingover." he says with a grin. I turn in the tv and and look at my clock it said 7:00 PM. "what do you want for dinner?" I ask. "Mexican" he says. I shoulda known. I order over the phone and they deliver it. We take it upstairs just in time for our favorite show. The X-factor. Harry's eyes gleam like they always do when he loves something. He looks over at me and says something unexpected. " ok so ya know how they are having auditions next week in London?" he says. I nod. "we'll I'm gonna audition for it. " I'm shocked but thrilled. " Harry that's amazing! But I have to come with you to your audition, ok?" I say. " of course." he says turning his attention back to the T.V. We've been watching this show since we were little and my best friend I auditioning for it!


Harry's P.O.V.


I told her. The only person I've ever told is my mum, but I can trust her. We went to sleep or at least Hannah did. I lie awake on the floor staring at the ceiling. I hear Hannah rustle in the bed and I smile. " Harry, you can get in the bed if you want." she says. I give in and go to sleep thinking about her. The next morning I woke up to Hannah's alarm clock. It's 5:45 am and we wake upand get ready for school. Hannah walks to her closset and pulls out a pair of orange jeans and a grey sweater. She walks into her bathroom and starts straighting her hair. I get dressed and then walked down the stairs to an empty house. There's a note on the counter and it said "Hannah and Harry, we decided to take a last minute vacation! Love Anne and mrs. Smith." I looks at the note and check my phone. My mum texted my phone saying " harry were going to be gone for 3 weeks ok?" three weeks?wow that's a long time. I start cooking breakfast and Hannah walks sped own the stairs and I gasp which causes her to stop mid step and fall. I run over and catch her. " careful" I say. She smiles and heads into the kitchen. She glances at the note on the counter. " how long?" she asks. " three weeks. " I say. I stop and looks at the clock and say " we gotta go if we're gonna make the bus!" we grab a banna and our bags and run out the door. We barely make it. We sit down and look at each other and couldn't help but smile and know we are going to spend three wonderful weeks together.




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