I saved you and you saved me

This is about a girl who is best friends with Harry styles but when he auditions for the xfactor will they still be friends or will he forget about her?


6. guilt

Harry's P.O.V

 I feel bad for leaving Hannah but she said she understood. I will never forget the look on her face when I pulled out. She looked hurt, upset, shocked and really sad. I hate seeing her like this. I arrived in London in two short hours and the first thing I did was call Hannah and she said she understood ths situation. I hung up and went inside where there were hundreds of other people. We were split up into groups and taught a dance and picked a song to sing. We were to learn the song and be ready to sing it and learn the dance and be ready to dance. I was called up to the stage to sing. I sang a very safe song so I felt good about my performance. I danced my danced and then came the scary part, elimination. We were told who was though and I wasn't called. What, how? But then I was called back as well as four other boys and four girls. We were told we were though but as a group. We got off stage and I said " do you guys wanna come over to my house for a week?" I prayed they said yes because if I was away from Hannah second I would explode " yeah sounds great!" a guy named Zayn said. We all packed our stuff and called out parents saying that we were through. We all drove to my house. Hannah was at my house and opened up the door for us. "hello love." I said placing a kiss on her lips. She smiled " hello Harry!who is this?" she said referring to Louis, Liam, Niall and zayn. " this is zayn, Niall, Louis, and liam."I say ." And this is Hannah " I tell them. The smiled and waved at her. We walk in and I start fixing dinner when Hannah says "I got it, i ordered pizzia." I smile and nod, she always knows what to do and when. I walk into the living room where they all are sitting and laughing and talking. I can't help but smile. I sit down next to Hannah who was watching niall playing the gutair. She smiles. I watch her eyes watch Niall's hands as he plucks the gutair strings randomly. Her eyes sparkle and that's what I love about her, the way her eyes sparkle and how she gets excited about the little things.


Hannah's P.O.V


Harry came home with four other people. We all sat outside bupy the fire playing gutairs and singing. I have to admit they are really good together. I made them s'mores and and we laid on our backs and looked at the stars. The English countryside isn't probaly what these boys were expecting. We all laid there in a circle staring at the stars. Each one of us was smiling, I could feel it. I looked at my phone, 11:30 PM. I tell the boys goodbye and walk across the street to my house. I ran up to my room and went to my window seat that overlooked Harry's house. Ive always admired his house. The horses,the long picket fence, the barn, the guest house, the pool, and the huge field that Harry and I used to play hide n seek when we were younger. I got in my PJ's and laid in bed. Tommorrow I have work. Ugggg.

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