I saved you and you saved me

This is about a girl who is best friends with Harry styles but when he auditions for the xfactor will they still be friends or will he forget about her?


5. auditions


Harry's P.O.V


She said yes! I can't belive it! But I need to start practicing for my x-factor audition. I chose isn't she lovely by Stevie wonder. I'm gonna start practicing tommorrow but for now I'm gonna pay attention to Hannah. "Harry,what movie do you wanna watch?" Hannah said walking in with some movies. "what do you have?" I ask. "the titanic, love actually, the vow, and the notebook." she says. My favorites. " the vow, because it's your favorite." I say she put it in and we sat there snuggled up on the couch with some popcorn I made. This is perfect.


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