I saved you and you saved me

This is about a girl who is best friends with Harry styles but when he auditions for the xfactor will they still be friends or will he forget about her?


1. bullied

Hannah's P.O.V

 As I walk to my locker before my next class my best friend Harry Styles, knocks me down on the way to his next class. "I'm so sorry" he says as he helps me up. "it's ok I'm fine." I say with a smile. I get up and walk to my locker when I'm stopped by Emma Crow, the biggest, meanest in the whole school and she seems to think she's the prettiest. She steps in front of my locker. I glance up at the clock, four minutes to get to my class and my class is at the other end of the hallway, farthest away from my locker. "move!" I yell and knocking her down and getting my books. I run of to the last class of the day.


Harry's P.O.V


The end of the day, finally. I get my books and shove them into my backpack and head over to Hannah's locker because she is my ride home and because I'm over at her house till 5:00 PM because my mum has work. Not that I really mind because Hannah is my best friend. I head to the other end of the hallway where I see Emma Crow at Hannah's locker. I walk a little faster and go right up to Emma and punch her in the nose. I grab Hannah's hand and lead her to the car. When we finally get to her house we head up to her room. I've always loved her room. The pink walls, the big windows, and the way it always smells like watermelon because of the big watermelon perfume bottle she skilled on her floor, the fuzzy blue chairs and the big T.V., I love it partly because it's Hannah's rooms nd because it's so colorful. I put my bag on the floor and walk over to her bed where Hannah is laying on her stomach on her bed like she always does when she's upset. " what's wrong?" I say having some idea. " those girls! They always pick on me because I'm your best friend." she says sitting up. I see tears frowning in her eyes and then she starts crying. She sits in my arms and bawls into my chest. " they tell me I'm not pretty enough to be your friend and that no one will ever love me." she try's to make out. "shhhhh" I say rocking her back and forth. Pretty soon she was asleep. I walk out of her room to where her mum normally is in the livingn room curled up in a book. She notices im in the room and outs down her book." Mrs. Smith, may I sleep over tonight? I'll call my mum and ask her and I can go to my house and I can go get my clothes. " I say. "sure thing."she says and continues reading her book. I open the door and get my clothes and call my mum, then walk back over to Hannah's house.


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