tears of the sky

ever wondered what's behind a rainy day?? this is a poem about the tears of the sky
Entry for movellas second poetry competition


1. tears of the sky

What a sad day the clouds were frowning angrily

And the sky was pale and grey and looking so strangely

It was dull and gloomy with the sun

Hidden beneath the clouds almost gone

Then after a moment I heard a voice so high

It sounded wounded like a helpless cry

And it was when the sky bursted into tears

It was when I’ve started to relive all my fears

Tears gathered at my window sill

And again the eyes of the sky began to refill

With another cry more tears came streaming

On the roof above my head

I heard the monotonous sound

And kept rocking in my bed

Her heart was broken so was mine

I couldn’t sleep until I made sure she was fine

The moaning of the sky used to scare me when I was little

When I was so innocent and my heart was brittle

But now it makes me feel nothing but sad

Thinking of all the times things went so bad

I looked out of the window when the rain had stopped

And for a few seconds not a single tear dropped

I looked at the sky

Birds were twittering and flying up so high

I saw a ray of light

Between hundred shades of blue

It was of different colors

Of very beautiful hues

When the sky felt that someone cared

She blushed ever so shyly

At the edge of my window

And turned to the different colors of the rainbow

Everyone felt happy after a shower of rain

They seem not to care about the sky’s pain

And then I began to wonder what made her weep

What has the sky seen that has hurt her so deep

I kept thinking and forgot about the sleep

Because I promised to care, a promise I have to keep

Caring doesn’t stop with a crying eyes’drain

Nor it stops when there’s no more pain

Caring is a feeling that stays with us forever

And it doesn’t end ..no…never!

It stays with us until the last breath we take

And after that it doesn’t end

Because it’s a promise we can’t break

Caring is a vow we take for so long

Caring is a feeling that makes us strong

A feeling that stays until the very end

A feeling inside the heart of every friend

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