It hurts when you crush doesn't like you back. Whats even worse is when he breaks your heart. Welcome to my life, the horrible life of Autumn Breeze.


1. Different day

I watched as you made you way into the next class. Chinese. It was the foreign language we both chose to take this year. Your sparking green eyes shimmered as you bounced your way into the room. My eyes followed your frame, watching you taking the seat next to me. Your head turned to me, as a smile grew upon your lips.

   "Hello," you smiled joyfully.

   I gulped opening my mouth, but no response came out. It was then she walked in. She gracefully walked towards your desk, with coach bag in hand. Her lips crashed to yours, making me turn my head and sigh.

   "I missed you baby," she smiled pulling away from the kiss. Making her way behind you, I watched you gaze at her ass. Rolling my eyes I turned to find my teacher walking in. 

   "Good morning class," she mumbled in her foreign accent, which no one could understand, "please pull out your binder and text book." Reaching down, I grabbed both of the things she requested and opened them. I gazed apon the complicated characters, not understanding what some of them met.

   "Today's lesson will be on seasons," she spoke writing the characters on the board and saying them aloud, "now you try." I attempted to pronounce it, but I failed. You did attempt to, but failed and laughed along with me. 

   "Baby!" she slapped your shoulder lightly trying to get you to look at her, "help me please." You turned to help her, of course you did.



I slammed my locker shut, making way down the hall and walking home. Wait!  someone shouted through the noisy hallway. I ignored it, knowing no one would ever want to talk to me. Suddenly a hand gripped my shoulder. I darted looking to see who the hell was touching me.

   "Oh god you waited," you rushed out of breath. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk.

  "Don't you want to walk with me?" you smiled standing in-front of me, forcing me to stop. I shrugged my shoulders, walking around him. 

  "Come on Autumn," he brushed my shoulder lightly, making me clench my stomach.

  "What do you want Lou," I breathed looking down.

  "Sleep with me," he grinned, looking down at my breasts.  My eyes grew larger, for what I worst feared had come.

  "You have a girlfriend," I replied trying to continue to walk home.

  "And?" you exaggerated, "I bet you're better in bed."

  "No okay? I don't sleep around with douche bags, I don't want to get pregnant," I sighed looking straight at him.

  "I have condoms," you pulled one out of your pocket. Who the hell carries around condoms?

  "No Lou, go knock somebody else," I glared down continuing my way home.


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