my heart belongs to whom?

this story is about a girl who knows nothing about one direction but when she moves into the new place and moves away from her past she soon finds that her only cousin Harry Styles is in her school she soon finds her self falling for Niall but will she end up with Niall or Louis?


1. the new beginning



My heart belongs to whom?            

                                                                         Alex’s P.O.V

What had I done? Was this the end? Had I really just done that or was it just a dream?


                                                            *2 weeks earlier*

“OK mom I’m leaving!” I said walking out door. Where to now? I had done some much running in my past now it was time for me to stay, now that dads gone off to jail for both assaulting me and my mother with a gun, but deep down inside of me I still had a feeling that all this was my fault, even though my parents told me It wasn’t. Well its time, time for me to realizes the past is in the past its time for me to move on go to school meet friends and maybe even get my first boyfriend.


            I pulled the door open into the new school everyone stared at me, I could tell who fit in with who, the popular people (the snobs), the smart kids (the nerds) the football players (the jocks) and then there was me, you see I never really had a group I was always on, my own but this year was going to change…  I saw one group but I couldn’t quite find the right name for them one guy stood taller than me with brown curly hair I had a feeling I’d seen him somewhere before but who was he? I walked past the group and smoothly looked at the tall guy with the curly hairs face and I knew exactly who it was, it was, my only cousin Harry, Harry styles.

            “HAZZA!” I yelled and he looked up at me and yelled back “OH my gosh what are you doing here I thought u you were still living in England! ALEXX I missed you so much.” I ran over and gave him a hug and said “I missed you too I just moved here with mum she’s at home and I’m sure she will be very excited to see you here.”  He smiled and let go of our hug and then said “do you know where your first class is?” “No, I just got here but I’ll find my way to the office to go get my schedule” I said and off I went. Ouch I bumped into someone by accident way to go Alex haven’t been here for more than two minutes and already had my first accident, “oh my I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there.” He said and looked up at me as he picked up his books off the ground “No I’m sorry I was just looking for the office I’m new here so I really don’t know where I’m going.” I said as I helped him pick up his books off the ground “Love, it’s my fault and since I’m also going to the office I’ll take you there” “Ok well we better get going cause we have class soon and I don’t even know what I have first period” I said and handing him his books he was blonde and had beautiful blue eyes and when he talked he had an awesome Irish accent. “Thank you for helping me and I’m Niall by the way nice to meet you Alex” and off we went to the office.

            He opened the door for me on the way in “Thanks” I said I looked at the sectaries name plate and then I said “Hi there I’m Alex I’m new here and I was told that I should come here to get my schedule” the bell ran I looked at Niall and he said “Well that’s the bell I better get going I’ll see you around Alex and hopefully we will have the same classes together” I smiled “I’d like that you seem really nice” he smiled and said “Right back at cha.” As he left the sectary handed my schedule and said “Nice to meet you Alex hope you like it here” I smiled at her and left.

            Where to go now? I looked at my schedule and my first period was drama yes my favourite class I saw a stair way and started to walk up cause it said drama was upstairs. Ouch again I bumped into another person way to go Alex. He was tall and had brown hair he looked down at my schedule thinking that I wouldn’t notice as he said “Oh sorry hun didn’t see you and I see you have drama first class  I’ll take you there If I want” I smiled and said “That would be great I’m Alex by the way the new girl.” And we went upstairs and he opened the door for me the people are so nice here I love this school. “Thank you.” He smiled. “Looks like we will be seeing a lot of each other the names Liam by the way” he said and I blushed and he did too “I’m looking forward to it.”  We walked into class I went up to the teacher while Liam took a seat. “Sorry I’m late I had no clue where I was going so I needed Liam’s help to get up here.” “It’s alright the students have some questions for you.” Breathe Alex you can do this. One girl put up her hand and said “Where are you from?” ok this isn’t so hard you can do this Alex just focus. “I’m from London England.” I looked up and saw Niall he winked at me I winked back.  He raised his hand and said “Do you have a boyfriend?” I smiled does he like me? “Appropriate questions only students” I looked down and shook my head telling him it was a no. he smiled and whispered something into Liam’s ear. I wonder what it could be. Soon the bell ran and it was time for lunch. Niall and Liam walked me down to the cafeteria.

            I met up with Harry turns out he’s best friends with Niall and Liam but he also introduced me to a couple other people. There was one guy who was taller than me with brown hair and brown eyes “Hi I’m Zayn Malik.” He said “Hi I’m Alex nice to meet you Zayn.”  He smiled then I met a pretty girl with blonde hair “Hi I’m Alex and I gotta say you’re really pretty.” I said. “Aww thanks love you’re really pretty too I’m Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend maybe we should hang out some time you seem really nice and cool.” She said. How could she think I was pretty I’m too skinny for anyone? Alex stop this you’ve been through a lot Perrie is trying to be nice now stop putting you’re self-down. “Thanks Perrie and yeah we should hang out it will be a lot of fun.” She smiled I smiled too. Then I met this really cute guy… he was tall brown hair and was wearing stripes, my favourite. We were both wearing red pants I felt as if I was blushing.  When he realized he blushed too, “Erm hey I’m Alex” he smiled and said “I’m Louis do you like carrots?” I blushed oh my gosh he already knows me so well “Yesssss I love carrots do you?” he smiled “I love them too you seem really nice maybe we should hang out.” I blushed he did too “I’d love to.” We both giggled I guess I was just nervous. I turned around to see Niall waiting to talk to me I smiled at him and he blushed.                   



                                                            Niall’s P.O.V                                                                      

     she’s so beautiful. I think I’m really following for her. She cares so much and gets on with everyone but before me and her can go any further we need to get closer so know she’s not just doing this to impress me. But she also looks like she’s been hurt in her past should I go give her a hug? Yes Niall you should show her that you like her maybe I should tell her I did try to tell her in drama by asking her if she had a boyfriend I guess I’ll just have to see…

            I went up to Alex and I told her “Come with me I need to tell you something” and she followed me to the hallway I sat down a put her beside me I stared into her beautiful eyes then she said “what did you wanna tell me Niall?” I loved the way she said my name, I just wanted to kiss her right there and then but I can’t it’s too soon “Umm Alex, do you want go out with me somewhere?” I said and thought to myself. Please say yes please say yes Alex it would mean so much to me. She looked at me with a tear in her eye. Why was she crying? Oh way to go Niall look what you’ve done made her cry on her first day. “Alex,-“ she put her finger on my lips and then she said “I never thought you would ask and to be honest with you I never thought you anyone  would say that to me and yes I would love I really like you Niall I have ever since I bumped into you today in the morning.” She was into me. I liked her. She liked me it was time for to make my move. I leaned in and said “is it okay if I kiss you now?” she leaned meaning it was okay we were so close I could feel her breath on my bottom lip, then I kissed her... It was good I didn’t want to let go I didn’t want her to go it gave me fireworks in my stomach.

            We pulled away slowly when we heard Zayn calling our names she stopped crying and just looked at me. She’s so beautiful. Plus she likes me. I feel as if I could take this girl to get some Nandos and share them with her. I want her and only her she is truly my princess <3 



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