my heart belongs to whom?

this story is about a girl who knows nothing about one direction but when she moves into the new place and moves away from her past she soon finds that her only cousin Harry Styles is in her school she soon finds her self falling for Niall but will she end up with Niall or Louis?


2. My heart will go on

                I went upstairs and looked in the mirror what did Niall see in me? A skinny girl that nobody likes, at least that’s what I saw. Stop this crap Alex your more than this, you are who you are and Niall loves you because of that none can change the way he felt even If I didn’t see what he saw. I saw my keyboard and my book of songs I grabbed the book and began to play and sing the song I wrote for Niall, “And I hate how much I love you boy and I can’t stand how much I need you boy but just can’t let you go, you know exactly what you do so I can’t stay mad at you.” I sang I heard something open I just let it go it must have been Niall he will find me it’s not like I have anything to hide from him so I sang again “No, but you won’t let me You upset me, boy, and then you kiss my lips all of a sudden I forget that I was upset can’t remember what you did.” He came in he heard me sing oh crap the song wasn’t ready though I just thought he would wait downstairs or something. “You’re beautiful and you can sing? Girl you’re my wife. If you’re okay with that.” He said I blushed he smile and said “Thanks Niall and yeah as long as we get to know each other a bit more I’d love to.” He smiled, I loved his smile it was so perfect, just like him, and he was perfect to me anyway. He took his hand out from behind his back and in his hand was a rose. I took it from his hand a smelt it, it smelt really good, roses were my favourite any way. I hugged Niall he pulled me close to him I kissed him softly he kissed me back, he was so perfect I pulled away


                                                                                Niall’s P.O.V

                She came back and we got in the car she looked so beautiful today, she always does. Gosh I love her. I think I want to marry her well I’ll just have to see what happens at Nando’s this will show how much I love her if I share my food with her I’ve know the boys for a long time I don’t even share my food with them she has to be the one at least that’s what my heart is telling me I guess I just need to see if I my mind will tell me the same, she’s just so special I wonder if she will tell me about her past tonight.

                We arrived at Nando’s. I looked at her she looked like she was going to cry, what’s going on? Does she hate nando’s? I feel so bad I need to l know what’s going on with her I kissed her on the forehead and whipped away her tears, and said “what’s wrong babe? Did I do something wrong? Do you want to go somewhere else?” he looked up at me and said “No you did nothing wrong I just never thought someone like you would ever like a girl like me, after all that’s ever happened to me in my past, so thank you so much, I-I truly love you Niall, you’re so amazing I don’t want to let you go.” So it wasn’t me I should tell her how I feel about her. “You know Alex the first time I saw you I knew I really liked you but I’ve never had a girlfriend before you’re the only girl I’ve been with I love you so much the only reason why I asked you out was because I didn’t want anyone to hurt you I’m sorry if this sounds bad or anything but when I saw you in the cafeteria I thought you were hurt so I took you away from everyone so they wouldn’t hurt you I told myself I wanted to get to know you but when we kissed it made me feel like I was the one you wanted to be with, the reason why I called you princess is because I knew in my heart you were perfect for me.” She stopped crying and looked at me I knew she felt the same way even if she didn’t say it that was more than enough for me. I leaned in to kiss her she leaned in too I kissed her and slowly put my hand on her face so she wouldn’t leave this moment. She was the one.

                Soon we went in and we sat down at a booth I decide to sit opposite her so could stare into her eyes -her beautiful eyes-  I need to talk to her though about her past, I guess I just cared so much that I needed to know.


                                                                                Alex’s P.O.V

                So much has happened to me, can I tell Niall? Am I sure he won’t tell the other boys? Think Alex if you really love him you’ll tell him, so here it goes “Niall, I really want tell you something but I need to know that you won’t tell the rest of the boys. “I said while looking at him  “Alex, you can trust me nothings ever going to happen to you, whatever you want to tell me I’m here for you.” He said but I could see a tear about to come out of his eye. I looked at him I was about to cry he cared so much for me but I couldn’t help think why me people always hated the sight of me I had no friends and hardly any family. “Niall I have a horrible past, you see I’ve never been able to call anywhere home,  you see when I’m with you it feels like home, I mean I’ve never really had a dad in my life cause he’s in jail he tried to assault me and my mother with a gun when I was 6 so I can’t exactly trust people always but I trust you I truly do and I always got bullied at my school because they thought I was too skinny and calling me bulimia and all that so I’ve never seen myself as pretty or anything like that  .” I said this with a tear coming down my cheek now he knows, he knows everything he looked at me as 2 tears streamed down his face, “Alex I’m so sorry if I had known I would have done everything in my power to help you can stay with me whenever you want if you ever need help I’m right here for you ok?” Niall looked at me I looked at him he was really here he wasn’t just some mythical creature from my dreams he actually cared about me.

                We ordered our food and talked about random things it was nice for it to be just me and him together alone, our food came we decided to order an appetizer I wonder if he likes to eat a lot like me.

                                                                                Niall’s P.O.V 

                This was it to see if she was the one for me we cried together we laughed together I just needed the extra proof that a beautiful girl like her could live with a guy like me.  I took her hand and said “Alex, I love you, your beautiful just the way you are I don’t care what anybody else thinks your perfect to me.” She smiled and said “Aw Niall I love you too and I’m starting to think you could be the one for me.” That’s what I loved so much about her she can tell how she feels she’s not afraid of what I might think about her. She then said “Your food looks really good is it okay if I share it with you?” “Of course this is my favourite restaurant just so you know that.” She smiled and blushed and took some of my food I was okay with that as long as it was her nobody else. All I need is her, nobody else.

                                                                                Louis’s P.O.V

                I walked into Nando’s knowing that Niall would be there and there he was with Alex I had feelings for her I mean who wouldn’t she’s so beautiful and I knew Niall thought that too. I saw the way he looked at her she could truly be his princess, but I just can’t bare to watch that I’m falling for her, she liked the color red, even when she saw my stripped shirt her eyes widen and plus she likes carrots, I guess I just got nervous when I saw her and really just had to ask. Is Niall sharing his food with her? He doesn’t even do that with me and I’ve known him for years this is not god not good if I want any chance with Alex, stop this Louis Niall is one of your best mates, you can’t do this to him or can you? I grabbed a seat and watched them; they came my way I pretended to read through the menu.

                                                                                Alex’s P.O.V

                We were done eating and now it was time to pay and go meet up with the boys for the rest of the day, I wonder what they had planned for today whatever it was I’m sure it will be fun, as long as Niall is there but I need to get to know the rest of the boys. Just no flirting, you like Niall not anyone else he called you his princess god damit, what am I saying it’s okay if I have 4 guy best friends right? It means less drama and no more rumors at least I hope. We left the restaurant but just as we were leaving I saw a guy sitting alone he looked overly familiar but who, on the way past and looked down at him he was wearing red jeans I knew exactly who it was, it was Louis why was he here though? Was he here to spy on us? What’s going on? I squeezed Niall’s hand and he already knew because he was also looking directly at him he looked mad like he was going to go and punch Louis in the face, just for being here. “Let’s just go Niall,” I said and he looked at me he looked like he was going to seriously hurt the next person he saw. I did not like this side of him. “You know your right Alex let’s go I don’t want to be here if you know who is here.”  He said I had a really bad feeling about this we walked out I grabbed Niall’s hand and said “Are you okay?” he looked at me as a tear rolled down his cheek, this is not good I hugged him he dug his head into my shoulder he was really hurt, I mean who wouldn’t be? Your best friend is there spying on you when you’re out with your girlfriend like really Louis how could you?

                                                                                Niall’s P.O.V

                Louis is going to pay for this I don’t care what I takes this is NOT fair what the hell was he thinking if he told me he liked Alex then I would have been cool with it but this? This hurt this really hurt me I’m seriously pissed now I don’t think I ever want to talk to him again. I let go of Alex and looked at her she looked concerned for me she looked hurt too. I took my phone out my pocket and dialed Harry’s number I held it to my ear he answered.

“Hello Niall is everything alright? Where are you and Alex?”  Harry said

“No nothing is alright Louis was spying on me and Alex at Nando’s!” I said

“What the hell? I’m so sorry Niall I had no idea I’ll talk to him that’s not cool.” Harry said

“Thanks mate.” I said and winked at Alex saying everything was okay.

“Alright mate well I’ll see you when you get home.” Harry said

I hung up. I pulled Alex close to me, I looked at her she is beautiful, I want her, I think I want to marry her- “Alex I love you with all my heart.”  She looked at me and I kissed her softly she pulled away but were still really close, close enough I could feel her breath on me, she put her hand on my cheek and said “I love you too Niall, you’re so perfect.” I started to tear up she did too; she truly was the one for me. I whipped her tears away she looked at me and kissed me I put my hand on the back of her head so she wouldn’t pull away. In this moment was the one I wanted she was the one. We drove home and got out and into the house I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the day with her and all the boys except Louis.

                                                                Alex’s P.O.V

We walked in I looked around they had a really beautiful place big and unique, Harry and Louis were downstairs waiting for our arrival. Niall was looking at Harry and me only he was giving Louis the cold shoulder. “Um Alex we bought you an outfit it’s in your room I’ll take you to the room.” Harry said so he led me down the hall “Uh I’m so sorry about today with the whole Louis thing.” Harry said, “Don’t talk about it, it’s just not something I want to talk about it, it really hurt Niall and me so.” I said “Alright Alex I’m sorry and here’s your room.” Harry said “Thanks so much Harry I really appreciate it.” I said and gave him a hug and opened the door “No problem Alex I’m going to make sure the boys aren’t trying to kill each other get ready fast we have a big plan ahead of us.” Harry said and went back down to where the boys were. I went in my room. WOW it was so beautiful I saw my bed and there was a dress that was a black sweat heart neckline on the top with a high low bright blue skirt on the bottom. Then there were black heals on the ground I got changed then also on the bed was some mac make-up I put it on and went downstairs. I looked good. I saw Niall he was sat down in tears. What happened? I saw Louis he was also crying, and Harry looked up and saw me. “What’s going on guys?” I said and tried to hold back the tears. I looked at Niall and walked over and kissed him on the forehead. He looked up at me he had been slapped I could tell, I had an abusive dad anyways, how could I not know. I tried to lighten the mood by asking “Uh so what’s the plan for today a girl doesn’t just get a gorgeous dress like this for no reason.” Harry and Louis looked at me I smiled slightly I was still mad about what Louis did but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my weekend with the boys. “Uh Alex well it’s a surprise so I’m going to go get a scarf or something and you can’t take it off till we get there ok?”  Niall said while smiling. He went and got a scarf. He came back and tied the scarf around my eyes. We got in some kind of vehicle, of course I couldn’t see.




Niall P.O.V

                We got in the car and started to drive to the destination I can’t wait to see the look on her face. Harry started driving I knew she could tell it was him because she held my hand tighter, it’s not hard to tell cause when Harry drives he’s all over the PLACE (literally)  we arrived I helped her out of the car and she was shaking, I could tell she was nervous about what was going to happen next.  Louis stood behind her and slowly untied the scarf, I looked at her as her eyes widened and she smiled and turned around and hugged me I held her tight, this was going to be a good day I can’t wait there’s so much I want to do with her, I just can’t believe this was going to happen, I couldn’t believe the one for me was actually here right now this second with me as my princess.


                                                                                Alex’s P.O.V

                I can’t believe it oh my gosh I’m so excited they took me to, laser tag it’s my favourite thing to do I really can’t wait this is going to be the best day ever but wait .Why did they buy me the dress and the heels? For laser tag? “Hey uh guys, I love this place and all but why did you buy me the dress and heels?” I looked at Harry even though he looked kind of confused by my question “well you’ll just have to see Alex do you trust us?” Niall said I looked at him into his eyes “of course I do.” He looked at me, I just wanted to grab him and kiss him for the whole day, but I can’t do that, not in front of Louis anyway. “Then what are we waiting for? And oh let’s just pick teams now so we don’t take up time when we get in” Zayn said we all looked at him and I knew who I wanted in my team. They had yet another surprise for me Zayn opened the door to the car we arrived in and there was Perrie “yay” I wasn’t the only girl here I just hope were on the same team. We then took time to discuss our teams and I got lucky, I got the team I wanted. Niall, of course, then Perrie, I mean it wouldn’t be fair without her, then Zayn because I have no problems with him. Although I wish I had Harry and Liam and maybe even Louis but I’m happy with what I got, I got Niall anyways. We headed inside everyone went in but Niall grabbed my hand before I went in “Can I uh talk to you for a second Alex?” Niall said and he looked mad but why? Is it something I said? “Umm sure Niall are you okay?” he didn’t answer I’m kind of scared for what’s going to happen next. He took my hand and led me to the corner around the back of the building he sat down and placed me next to him. “Well uh Alex while you were getting dressed me and Louis had a long talk and turns out he just really likes you, we can continue seeing each other or we stop right now and I love you and all its your choice I don’t want this to end but it’s you to decided.” Niall said as a tear rolled down his face this wasn’t fair of course I liked Niall but I don’t want jealously going around either.


                “Niall I love you so of course I want to be with you but I’m scared that Louis might hurt you again like he did today, and I noticed your face was red on your cheek did he slap you? Be honest with me Niall if you love me you will.” I said to him tears rolled down my eyes too, I didn’t like to see him hurt I don’t like to see anyone hurt if I’m being honest.  He looked at me with disappointment in his eyes, he almost looked scared, and he leaned in close to me  “Alex yes he did, but please don’t tell him, and Louis has promised me he won’t do that after seeing how much he hurt you today.” Niall looked really upset of course he would be who wouldn’t? I leaned in close to him; I looked into his amazing eyes.  “Niall.” I said “Yeah?” he said “Kiss me” I whispered and he did as I told him and kissed me but not too hard so it was uncomfortable but it was good, so good that I wanted to stay there, just forget about the rest of the world, I could tell he felt the same way as me because he put his hand on the back of my head softly. I leaned back but not too far I could still feel his breath on my lip, he took his thumb and whipped away my tears, then I saw it, I saw something I really wish I hadn’t, my eye widened.

 Niall is so sweet I hadn’t even noticed on the way here he was carrying a basket but inside was one of those big chocolate chip cookies that had ‘I love you Alex ‘written on the front  he looked at me and smiled, he knew I wasn’t supposed to see that till later, but no I just had to look. “Alex it’s okay if you saw just don’t tell the boys, I kind of bought you two in case of your choice so yeah” Niall said he so sweet I wonder what the other one said on it. “Aww Niall you shouldn’t have and uh can I ask you something?” he eyed me in a confused yet afraid way at me as I said this.

. “Of course you can but let’s play truth or dare after ok?” I could tell he just wanted to get the question over and done with and get it out of his mind as soon as possible; “Ok Niall but, uh why do you love me?” I really needed to know this cause I didn’t understand why. I mean what’s so great I don’t have the looks as a big celebrity or anyone big I guess I just never understood. “Because Alex your beautiful, your strong everything about you is so perfect and I’m sorry if none has ever told you this but you are gorgeous and you are truly perfect in my mind.” He said and I can’t believe he did but I don’t think he likes it when I put myself down. “Thanks Niall.” I took his hand and he looked at me and giggled a little I did too “Alex, truth or dare?” he said I laughed “Truth” I replied, “Alright, the people that you know right now who would you marry?” did he really just ask me that? “Louis duh” his eyes widened “Haha no I’m kidding it’s you!” he leaned in close I hugged him and I smiled “Okay your turn truth or dare?” he thought about it for a second and then figured out his answer “Dare cause I’m just a rebel like that.” I smiled okay now what should he do? I saw an old woman walking past and I knew exactly what he should do “Ok, Mr. Rebel see that woman over there? I dare you to go up to her and tell her you love her and tell her ten facts about you.” His eyes widened in shock this should be good and we need to go soon cause the boys will be worried. “Okay that’s easy.” He got up and walked up to the woman and said “Hi there I’m Niall, Niall Horan I love you and food I like to sing I was born on September 13 1993 I turn 19 this year, um I don’t like steel when I was younger I had a bad case of Irish teeth and Michael Buble is my role model one of the best presents I have ever received was a guitar and uh yeah” even though he only got nine including his last name he did pretty well I guess he just ran out of facts as he turned around the woman hit him in the shoulder with purse. He ran over to me and said “that wasn’t as easy as I thought.” He said.

We headed in to meet the boys, they were waiting for us I looked at Louis he looked pissed off, “where the heck have you guys been?” Louis said “Talking for a couple minutes sorry mate.” Niall said he didn’t look so happy now that Louis was here. I don’t blame him. “It’s fine let’s just get started so were not late for the rest of the day.” Harry said I went over to Perrie she smiled at me and gave me a hug she had been standing with Zayn I turned around and gave Niall a signal with my finger saying he should come. He came over and wrapped his hand around my waist I winked at him while smiling.  “Let’s go then so I can kick Harry, Liam and Louis butts.” I said and we went up to the counter Niall and I stayed behind he then said “You want to take some pictures of our first date?” I looked at him and smiled “Yes of course I do.” I say as he pulls out his iPhone out of his pocket, and turns on the camera app he turns it to the front screen I smile and he looks at me as if I’m crazy so for the next picture I kiss him on the cheek and he does a cute face, he opens the picture and smiles I giggle and he puts the picture as his lock screen “Aww Niall how sweet.” A voice from behind us said who was that the voice was deep and familiar, but also quit obnoxious, I turned around and saw that it was Louis. Was he in our picture? I took Niall’s phone out of his hand and looked at the picture, when in fact he wasn’t in the picture I looked up and winked at him to say it was okay he looked at me and smiled I passed him his phone back and then said “Sorry for taking it Niall I just needed to make sure.” I felt bad and he stared at me as if he didn’t want to look at Louis. “it’s okay don’t worry about it I would have done the same thing if I were you.” He looks at me and only me as he says it. I can tell he’s rather hurt or just doesn’t want to be here.

                I look over and see that the rest of the boys are done at the desk so I go to Harry and see what’s going on. He steps over towards me and grins “All set? I know my team is going to so kick your teams butt.” He laughs as I said that. “Well then let’s do cousin on cousin like old times.” I held my hand out say it’s so on I wink at him and he smiles, I can remember a time when he was really competitive with me, every little thing we did had to be competition we’d do stupid thing like who’s skinnier and who had the most amount of stickers, he’d always been there for me in times of doubt like an older brother would, but I loved him like he was my brother and nothing or none can change that. Niall came up and hugged me from behind, I could feel his arms rap a little tighter around me as Louis also joined us, and GOSH did he have to follow our every move. The loud speaker came on “Can Harry Styles please come to the front desk your party is ready” we walked over and joined the woman at the desk, she was blonde and really pretty, she looked kind of familiar, but who? I looked down at her name tag it read ‘Amanda  Gilbert’ of course I knew her she was my best friend from high school, we’d lost touch but I still remember her. “Oh my god Ami it’s you.” I said and she looked up at me as if I was kind of crazy. “Oh uh Hey Alex I’m Emma Ami’s twin remember?” she said that as a tear rolled down as if she needed to tell me some bad, horrible news. “Well you see Ami died last semester, turns out she had cancer.” As she said this I began crying too.

“I can’t believe it. I’m so sorry for your loss.” I said this and looked at Niall as if his smile would lighten the mood but he just stood there beside me and looked at the ground. He lifted his head up and said “I didn’t know Ami but I’m sure she was a beautiful, amazing girl I’m so sorry for your loss, but we better get going.” I looked at him as more tears slipped down my cheeks; I grabbed Emma and hugged her as hard as I could after a couple of seconds I let go “I’ll give you my number later so we don’t lose touch, call me whenever you need me.” She looked at me as if I’d just broke her heart in two.

I couldn’t believe it was her. The most loveable girl you would ever meet. Dead. I looked over at Niall who had a tear down his cheek too. I took a deep breathe to hold back anymore tears that were swelled up inside me.

“You guys go its ok I’ll text you later Alex” Emma said, but I felt as if she just needed some space. So I grabbed Niall’s hand and gestured to go.

“See you later Ems.’ We walked away hand in hand tears streaming down my face. My heart beating out of beat. Niall put his arm around my waist and squeezed me so I’d laugh. Under the circumstances I couldn’t. I just looked at him and winked. Although I probably shouldn’t have done that cause a tear slipped down my cheek. Niall stopped walking and pulled me around to look at him.

“Stop crying I don’t like it when you cry.” He said and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m s-o-r-r-y” I said burying my head into his shoulder.

“Sorry for what?” he said and hugged me as tight as he could, but in a good way so it didn’t hurt.

“Sorry for crying so much today was supposed to be happy. “I said and looked up into his big blue eyes.


“Don’t be sorry you had every right to cry, crying won’t make me love you any less.” As he finished his sentence. I looked up and kissed him, he put his hand behind my head so I wouldn’t back away. I didn’t want to let go and I’m pretty sure he didn’t either. After a couple of seconds we pulled back and I just stared at him. He stared back.

“I love you Alex.” He said in his soft voice the one he used to make someone believe him.

“I love you too Niall.” I said it and I meant it. I even think he could be the one.

                                                                Niall’s P.OV                                                                        After Laser Tag

She’s so perfect. I can’t believe she’s mine. All to myself. I think she could even be the one. How can I tell her? I f I’m not even she felt the same way.

“Where’s that smile Alex? The one I adore from, well the one I adore.” I said and she gave me her ‘I’m F-I-N-E smile’ which in woman language from what I’ve heard means ‘leave me alone I’m not in the mood’.

                Laser tag had been fun our teams were tied though she looked at me and I just winked.

“Let’s go catch up with the rest of the gang.” The way she said that was adorable.

“Gang?” I said to her to make her laugh, which she did.

“Oh shut up you know what I mean.” I ended up laughing as she said that.

“Make me!” I said to her and she giggled too. She did as she was told and shut me up but in a way I wasn’t expecting she kissed my lips shut. Her soft, warm lip, what was so adorable about her lips was the fact her bottom lip was bigger than the top one, making them made for kissing. I pulled away ever so slightly so our noses were touching and I stared into her beautiful eyes as she looked into mine too.

“Good boy.” She said and winked at me. I took her hand and pulled her to where the boys were when I saw- Zayn with a girl. A pretty girl not as pretty as Alex obviously but still pretty. I didn’t know her but Alex did, because she ran over to her and hugged her. Leaving me behind I felt kind of lost without her so I walked over to Zayn.

“Who’s the girl” I said in a kind of awkward way.

“Arya my new girlfriend, and apparently your girls friend too.” He said I let out a smile for a bit.

                Alex soon walked over to where I and Zayn were with Arya by her side. Alex walked over to me first and hugged me tight.

“You okay? Babes?” she asked me. I gave her my confused look. Why wouldn’t I be okay? With her by my side that’s all I needed.

“Of course I’m okay. Are you?” I asked her, she didn’t respond straight away, as if she had something on her mind.

“Yeah. Where off to now?” she’d probably been thinking about that for a while, I’d told the boys to leave it as a surprise. This was our day after all. As I opened my mouth to answer her question, Zayn cut me to it and beat me.

“I think Niall said he wanted it to be a surprise.” He said. I think she’s going to be so excited when  she finds out what I planned for her.

Every time I looked at her.

I see beauty and compassion I think I could even say she’s probably the one for me.

                              Chapter 2

                                   My heart will go on

                                                Alex’s P.O.V

            We got in some kind of car, of course I was blindfolded yet again, I wondered where we were going, and I hope it was something with food because I’m really hungry. I could tell I was sat on Niall’s lap because I could smell his cologne; everyone had their own distinct smell apparently mine was vanilla, Niall’s was kind of a fruity smell, it smelt good. All of a sudden we took a right turn then stopped, so I guessed we were at our destination.

“Can I see now?” I said and Niall kissed me on the cheek

“Not quite yet babes” he said in his soft voice.

“Why I really want to know where we are.” I said and Niall took my hand.

“Fine take the blindfold off.” He said and I took it off we were inside the car obviously.

“Where are we?” I asked in a confused voice.

“We can’t tell you that, Alex.” Harry said from the front of the car. I hadn’t talk to Harry since the morning.  I really wanted to know where we were though.

“Then can we please go out.” I asked in my cutest voice I could, trying not to be rude. As I said this Louis opened the door since he was closest to the door, then Zayn got out and everybody else got out too.

We got out and we were at. 

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