Charlotte and her friend are travelling back from an amazing trip to New York. When suddenly the unthinkable happens their plane crashes. When Charlotte wakes up she's on a deserted island with only a few other survivors including four band members of One Direction.

While strugling to survive Charlotte falls in love with Liam but what will happen with their love when there back home and most of all will they ever get back home?


2. Zayn


Zayn’s POV:


They should be here already I think to myself as I wait for the rest of the boys  in the car. Today is the day they’ll come home from America I went home a day before them because my father had a heart attack. The boys wanted to come with me to support me but I told them they should stay for the fans


 I see Paul walk to the car but he’s alone the boys aren’t with him. The expression on his face gives me a bad feeling. I get out of the car to ask him why the boys aren’t with him. He tells me to sit down but I don’t want to.


It all seems so unreal . He tells me that the plane where the boys were in crashed in the middle of the ocean and I feel myself crashing to.


I swallow “Is there a chance they may have survived?”, I ask him all though I already know the answer.


Paul stares at the ground “I’ll be honest with you… they probably didn’t but everyone is looking for them if they did survive we will find them”


I feel my knees getting weak and I collapse on the ground. Paul tries to pick me up but I want to stay on the ground it feels save even though the ground is the place where my four best friends died.


“What will I do now?” I scream broken


Paul gives me a hug but I don’t even realize it.


“Why weren’t you on that plane?” a voice in my head asks me “Then you would be with them at the bottom of the ocean, then you wouldn’t have to cry because your whole life fell apart. You wouldn’t feel any pain and you wouldn’t have anything to worry about “


“Let’s go home”, Paul says he looks worried about me I probably look like a mess.


I nod and try to fight the new tears coming up. Paul picks me up. He’s also trying to fight against his tears we are like sons to him and he probably blames himself because he didn’t go with us to America.  He must feel so responsible for what happened


“it’s not your fault you know.” I tell him


He nods  still trying to be tough for my sake


 As we drive by the mob that gathered by the airport. We see the news spread out like a virus some fans cry some laugh like it’s all just a bad joke but most of them collapse into the arms of their fellow directioners screaming that this can’t be true. But it is.


The driver puts the radio on to distract me from all the tormented screams. But I can still hear them like ghosts in my mind 


“ Horrible news has reached us .” I hear the news reader say. I already know what the news is and so does Paul so he asks the driver to put the radio of


“No let it on.“, I command, ”I want to hear what he has to say about the crash.”


The driver puts the radio back on and I can hear Paul sigh when the man continues  “Earlier today we already told you that another plane has disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean. There were rumours that popular boy band One direction was on that plane. Now it has been confirmed by the boys managing that they were indeed on the plane only bad boy Zayn wasn’t on it. He had to go home a day early because his father got a heart attack. There is a big rescue action set up to find the plane but sources tell us there isn’t a lot of chance that the boys are still alive. Worldwide fans are becoming crazy of the thought that One Direction is done. Volunteers have set up helplines for one direction fans in Britain you can call 4707. Everybody is waiting for the remaining band member to hold a press conference tomorrow.”


I shiver I’ve never done a press conference on my own. I always had the boys around me to comfort me when I had stress.  The impact falls down on me  like a rock I just can’t believe they aren’t there any more


The car stops at my mum’s house I look at Paul “I thought we were going to my place?” I ask him


“ I didn’t like the thought of you being on your own right now.”


I ‘m actually glad that I don’t have to be alone tonight. The flat would feel so empty without the others. My mum opens the door before I can even ring the bell and she immediately gives me an enormous hug


“Oh poor baby I’m so sorry!” she strokes my head. I feel so save in her arms and I start crying again. But I immediately stop crying when I see Waliyha and Safaa stare at me from behind mum.


“ Hi guys, how are you?” I say trying to sound happy.


“It’s all right Zayn  you can cry Safaa and I don’t mind.” Waliyha says. She always knows what to say


She’s become so mature since the last time I saw her.  Her black hair is grown  and she has lots of make-up on.  I give them both a hug and Safaa gives me one of her brilliant smiles. Her smile feels so nostalgic like a branch I’m trying desperately  to hold on to as my whole life is changing.


“ We baked pancakes for you!” , Safaa says enthusiastically.


“Well how about that lets go taste those pancakes then!” I smile I’m happy my sisters are here to cheer me up




  I wake up bathing in my own sweat “it was just a dream.” I tell myself. But that doesn’t calm me it was just so realistic. 


“ Are you OK baby!” my mum runs in. She looks worried.


“ I’m fine. I had a nightmare that’s all.” I tell her.


“What was it about?”


“Nothing… I dreamed that I was with them on the plane.” I try not to cry as I remember what Niall said to me in my dream “Please don’t give up on us!” I tell my mum about it .


“That’s great!”, my mum  says. I wonder how something so awful can be great but I let her speak “ I read a book about dreams and it said that when you dream of people that are dead you can’t see their faces and you could see their faces and that means they’re still alive. Maybe Niall saying you shouldn’t give up on them means  something. Maybe it’s a sign”


 Maybe it is. I’ve never believed in that kind of thing but I guess now it kind of gives me hope  that the boys could still be alive. So I should do what Niall said and not give up on them


“Sleep well, mum.”


“Sleep well, baby”, she answers but to my surprise she doesn’t go back to her room and just as I want to tell her that she doesn’t have to stay I change my mind, If I’ll have more nightmares tonight. I want her to be here when I wake up.                      





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