Charlotte and her friend are travelling back from an amazing trip to New York. When suddenly the unthinkable happens their plane crashes. When Charlotte wakes up she's on a deserted island with only a few other survivors including four band members of One Direction.

While strugling to survive Charlotte falls in love with Liam but what will happen with their love when there back home and most of all will they ever get back home?


3. Save me


Charlotte’s POV:


My head’s spinning. Liam’s out fracture was just put back into his leg without any painkillers so obviously he was screaming like hell and because I can’t move I had to listen to that torture for what seemed like a century. Now he is asleep but I can still hear his screaming in my head.


Louis comes back in he looks pale and worried. I have only met him 3 hours ago but I already know he’s very sensitive when it comes to his friends having pain.


“How is he?” Louis asks on a worried tone.


“He’s fine. He’s just sleeping now” Simon answers


We’re so lucky that there is a doctor with us. I don’t think anyone else would know how to put Liam’s bone back in his leg. Actually it’s all turning out quite well Simon and Maya are the doctors Louis and Tom build the camp and Vanessa and Brian are looking for food. I’m feeling quite useless because Maya doesn’t want me to stand up so I have to stay in the camp.


Everybody gets back out to let Liam rest but as they walk away I see Liam open one of his beautiful brown eyes. He still looks quite weak but I can see he’s getting stronger already.


“Hi, beautiful!” he says when he sees me staring at him. I blush and quickly look away.


“Hi how are you?” I answer casually still staring at the ceiling.


“ Well I’m all right I guess. I’ve felt better but I’ve felt worse too so you don’t have to worry”


I look at him with my mouth open which is probably quite rude but I don’t care “How can you say you’ve felt worse than when someone put a bone back into your leg without any painkillers?” I ask him confused


“ Well…” he stutters awkwardly “ I only have one kidney and when I was younger I had to get  a lot of injections to help me cope with the pain.”


“How many is a lot?”


He looks away  and whispers “32 every day”


I look at him in awe. How can anyone get 32 injections a day.  Now I get why he didn’t make a lot of the out fracture that must’ve been nothing compared to the pain he has felt when he was a kid. Fuck… 32 injections he must be superhuman. I stare at him still wondering how amazing he is causing an awkward silence to form. I try to say something but I can’t think of anything that would be appropriate to say now.  


 When suddenly Maya barges in with lots of different fruit in her arms.


“FOOD!!” Niall screams.


I laugh happy about the distraction “ I thought you were asleep.”


Niall doesn’t answer me but I don’t blame him because he has 3 bananas in his mouth. I start laughing that boy and his food I decide to make a list on everything I know about my fellow island residents


1.       Louis is very sensitive but never gives up.

2.       Niall loves food

3.       Simon is a doctor

4.       Maya is an excellent nurse (which I didn’t know even though she’s my best friend)

5.        Liam is superhuman



And the rest I didn’t meet yet except Harry but he’s in coma so I can’t say anything about him either. I hope he wakes up soon I can’t stand looking at him he looks so beautiful but so vulnerable at the same time. I can’t even imagine how torn his friends are probably feeling right now.


Maya gives me some food. I thankfully  take it from her and put a whole banana in my mouth causing me to almost choke in it. Niall stares at me but instead of the disgust I thought I would see in his eyes I see a hunch of respect. He smiles at me causing a few pieces of banana flying out of his mouth. Liam rolls his eyes but I think it’s kind of funny so I let out a loud laugh. A bit too loud actually causing my ribs to hurt even more. Maya tells me to calm down when she hears me groan and she walks back out leaving an awkward silence again.


“I’m going to sleep now, boys” I tell Niall and Liam so I won’t have to be part of the awkward silence


“Sleep well, beautiful” Liam answers a bit too quick


“Yeah sleep well, snowflake” Niall follows


I look at him a bit puzzled “Waw you two are really in to strange nicknames aren’t you. I’ve never ever been called snowflake in my whole life most people just call me Charlie.”


“Well Charlie I thought my nicknames were a bit more original but if you like Charlie more then I’ll call you that” Niall admits stubbornly


I smile “Fantastic, sleep well!” and I turn around ignoring the pain in my ribs I immediately fall asleep even though I’m not really tired and all my bones hurt like hell.


 When I wake up the sun is already rising again and I hear Niall an Liam whisper to each other


“… beautiful isn’t she” I couldn’t hear the first part but those words got me curious so I decide to act like I was asleep to hear their conversation.


“Ouh, Leyum has a cruuush!!” Niall says on a childish tone


“Shut up Niall you’ll wake her up!”, Liam says angrily  I can’t see him but I can imagine his cheeks are probably dark red and I’m right because Niall says: ”OMG Liam you’re blushing, you do know you have a girlfriend waiting for you at home don’t you?” His words cause me to bite on my tongue but I don’t know why because even if I was in love with Liam and he wouldn’t have a girlfriend he still wouldn’t want to date someone as inconsiderable like me he’s famous and I’m nothing I don’t even have a talent  


Liam’s voice turns he’s really mad now “I don’t have a crush on Charlotte and I was not blushing”


I nearly choke when I hear my name causing me to cough violently shit now they know I’m awake and I was listening to their conversation I think to myself But he thinks I’m beautiful I smile not really knowing why.


I turn around which causes a heavy flinch of pain going through my upper body


“Good morning boys!” I say as cheery as I can with the pain still travelling through me


Liam is still blushing violently and Niall looks quite nervous too


“Good morning sno-… Charlie” Niall says trying to sound casual


“Very good Niall. I’m impressed” I say now truthfully cheery and I give him a smile.


“And the student overpowers his master!” Niall answers on a posh british tone


“ I wouldn’t go that far Nialler” I laugh


I notice how Liam is unusually quiet was Niall telling the truth when he said Liam had a crush on me. No he can’t he has a girlfriend you should stop thinking so much Charlotte.



Liam’s POV:


I hate Niall and I hate Charlotte for acting like she was asleep. Now she thinks I’m in love with her which I’m not… I think or am I. I don’t know I’m confused she’s just so beautiful and sweet.  Liam you love Danielle I tell myself before I start thinking about Charlotte with her lovely green eyes and her brown hair that seems to light up every time she gets a stroke of sunlight on it. Stop it Liam


someone wakes me from my thoughts by waving his or her hand back and forward before my eyes I look up to see Charlotte standing in front of me.


“ Charlotte get on your but immediately your injuries aren’t healed enough to stand up! You’re only making your pain worse!” I scream at her without thinking I can’t stand her hurting herself.


Charlotte scares and falls down again on her bed . She lets out a little ”Ow!“ when she hits the bed and I want to hit myself in the balls for hurting her.


“ It’s alright Liam you’re not my father and if you’re so worried about me you shouldn’t scare me like that because that hurt worse than the standing”


She’s mad at me for screaming at her and I understand but I can’t just see her hurting herself for nothing. What’s wrong with me I only met her 12 hours ago and I already feel like I have to protect her whatever happens. Because when she feels pain I feel it too but even worse.


Step out of it Danielle is waiting for you.


“Hey guys it’s bath time!” Maya screams when she, Simon and Tom come in with an improvised stretcher and they start with pulling a heavily protesting Niall on it


“ I don’t want a girl to undress me and I haven’t even eaten yet” he screams but nobody cares and they just drag him out leaving me and Charlotte alone.


“I’m sorry for screaming at you I just feel so responsible for everyone and I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves I just can’t help it, it’s my thing I guess.” I explain her even though it’s not really the truth. I am very responsible but not like I am for her.


“It’s all right” she answers but I can still hear she’s mad at me and it breaks my heart.


After a few really silent minutes the washers come back in and take Charlie away


When I am washed they bring us to the beach where everybody is already eating breakfast together. When Niall sees it he starts whining that they have to give him food because he can’t sit up. Maya lays it on his chest  Niall immediately attacks the food like it can walk away any minute the rest of us just take it slow and it’s actually quite a cosy breakfast not thinking about the fact that we just crashed on an island a million miles away from every other human being I just thought of it didn’t I?  Oh well


I’ve had enough to eat and I ask the boys to bring me back to the camp because the pain in my leg is getting worse but I actually just want to talk to Harry about Charlotte he always has the best love advice and even though he can’t answer it would feel good to let my heart out with someone.


When I’m back in the camp I look at Hazza, his curls are looking so flat today I don’t think that’s a good sign



Harry’s POV:


I can hear someone in the distance saying something to me but I can’t really understand it so I concentrate on the distant voice trying to hear what he’s saying


“Haz, Haz please wake up I need you. You can’t stay like this I REALLY NEED YOU TO WAKE UP“ in my thoughts I roll with my eyes he doesn’t know how it is to be stuck in a bottomless black pit trying hopelessly to climb out but never successful



The low voice speaks again now he sounds mad: “Fuck Harry I really need you and your love advice now more than anything. It’s the first time I really needed you and you fucking don’t even bother to wake up!”


it’s someone who needs love advice that must be Liam but Liam wouldn’t ever swear like that and if he would that means he really needs me. I try my best to wake up for him and I feel the walls getting less dark.


“ You fucking asshole! you can’t even give me peace and just be dead no you have to be half alive so I can’t even now if your actually hearing me or your just a fucking plant.”


Waw I’ve never heard Liam swear like that and even though I’m a bit proud of him it really creeps me out too and I want him to stop so I try squeezing his hand


“Harry are you waking up! Haz you can do it!” Liam screams excited when I squeeze his hand


I try harder to get out of the pit and when I finally open my eyes Liam screams like a little girl


I feel a slight head ache but I’m actually happy about the fact that I can feel something Liam gives me a strange hug I see his tears stream down his pink cheeks.


“So what was that love advice you needed I say casually. Liam smiles and he calls the rest Lou comes in first followed by Niall on a stretcher and some people I’ve never seen before Louis looks worried his face is unusually pale and his infinity smile disappeared from his face.


I smile “ Lou you look terrible!” I tell him and he squeals ”Haz, oh my fucking god I fucking can’t believe this are you really awake?” he screams causing the head ache to get even worse


“Alive and kicking!” I scream I don’t know why but I’m in a cheeky mood today. Lou comes over to me and gives me a hug.


“So now we’ve done that where am I and shouldn’t we be at the X-factor rehearsals?” I ask him because I’m quite confused but for some reason or another Lou’s mouth falls open like I just said the most shocking thing I could ever say. I’ve got a bad feeling


“What?” I ask worried


Lou nods his head “Which year are we Haz?” he says seriously


I nervously laugh “It’s 2010”


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