Charlotte and her friend are travelling back from an amazing trip to New York. When suddenly the unthinkable happens their plane crashes. When Charlotte wakes up she's on a deserted island with only a few other survivors including four band members of One Direction.

While strugling to survive Charlotte falls in love with Liam but what will happen with their love when there back home and most of all will they ever get back home?


5. Never


Liam’s POV



Niall’s face lights up when he sees the all-you-can-eat buffet and I can’t help but laugh at the tortured look in his eyes when someone tells him he has to go to the cruise doctor first before he can eat. He looks at me with sad puppy eyes when he is being taken to the doctor before he has the time to object.



“Liam Payne?”, a voice behind me asks me. I turn around to see a friendly-looking middle aged man with a bold spot on his head.






“It’s your turn.”



I nod and get in the small doctor’s office.



“Hello what’s your name” the doctor asks with a friendly smile. For some reason I didn’t expect the doctor to be a women it’s not like I’m anti-women or something having a female doctor is just… awkward.



 “ My name’s Liam Payne I’m 19. I was travelling from New York to the U.K. when my plane crashed but you probably already knew that. I had a few broken ribs and an out fracture but nothing serious I think I had a concussion too but that went over after a few days. My ankle is a bit better but Simon was starting to worry that it might be infected so could you please check that and if you have crouches that would be very handy’, I ramble



She looks at me with an interested look on her face and writes something on her paper. I feel a fire burning inside of me. Who’s she to judge me. I try to read it but the handwriting is unreadable.



 “Patient hasn’t lost any fluency of speech” she tells me obviously noticing my spying. A blush creeps upon my cheeks and again she notices.



“You don’t have to blush you know everybody tries to see what I’m writing. I guess that’s why doctor’s handwritings are so unreadable.” She smiles at the end of her sentence probably trying to make me a bit more comfortable but it isn’t really working.



“Well… let’s see what we can do about that out fracture than.” , she breaks the silence.







 After she disinfected my wound and put on an open cast so the wound could still breath she lets me out of her office. I walk or should I say pickle to the breakfast room where the others are already eating as much as their stomachs can take.



“Thanks for waiting, guys!” I say sarcastically.




Niall smiles with his mouth full of cornflakes. I laugh not even a plane crash can change my Nialler.



“Niall, could you go get some food for me?”, I ask him as nice as I can, knowing he probably won’t agree but I can’t go and get the food because of my ankle.



“Do it yourself you lazy cow!”, He screams at me while putting a sandwich with scrambled eggs in his mouth.



“Niall?” I say pointing to the gigantic outcast that stretches from my toes to a bit above my knee.



“Ah”, Niall replies bluntly.



I smile “Awwww, thanks Nialler”



“You’re welcome”, he grumbles back while getting up. I laugh victory feels good but when I hear another laugh. I quickly look up to see a bright grinning brunette . Charlotte!



“You do know it’s not nice to listen to other peoples conversation?” I ask her trying to start a light conversation. But it doesn’t work she just blushes and looks away. I mentally slap myself IDIOT.



“So… How was the doctor?”, I ask a bit awkwardly.



“Fine…” she replies just as awkward. I sigh last night made everything so awkward.” Why in the world did you kiss her, Liam? You’re such an idiot!”, a voice in my head tells me.



“I know!”



I didn’t realise I said that out loud until I see that Charlotte is staring at me like I’m a crazy person.



“Uuum… that wasn’t supposed to be out loud…” I mumble trying to look away so she can’t see my blush.



Niall returns right on time (before I can say anything even more stupid).  I look at the plate in his hands to see what he brought me but that doesn’t really give me any more information because the plate is so full of every single thing you can even think off. You name it It’s on there.



“NIALL, did you just decide to bring the whole buffet or what?”,  I tease him.



He turns to look at the buffet, thinks for a moment and anwers: “Nah… but I can if you want?”



“NO!” I answer. He laughs and puts the plate in front of me. I stare at it in utter disbelieve. How can anyone eat that much food.  I suddenly feel someone  patting my shoulder. I let out a loud and girlish yelp



“Bad conscience?”, a fake guy with a perfectly ironed uniform asks me with a fake laugh. I hate fake laughs I hate everything that’s fake and this guy just seems to scream “FAKE!” his blue eyes are too blue, his white teeth too white, and his brown gel back-combed hair too… shiny.



I smile back trying really hard not to roll my eyes  “No” is all I can answer and that probably came out a bit hard but actually I don’t care. I have a feeling this guy is a pain so I don’t have to treat him politely. He smiles back at me revealing even more of his perfect teeth and turns to Niall and Charlotte shaking Niall’s hand and kissing Charlotte’s which leaves her with a disgusted look on her face. I can’t hold back a smirk, her face is just priceless.



“Hi!”, Louis and Harry say in unison. The uniform-guy  walks over to them and shakes their hands. Louis looks at me with a puzzled look. I shrug



The guy waits for Harry and Louis sit down so he can start his speech that sounds like he memorised it: “Welcome all of you on our ship! We are  so happy that we found you on that island. Imagine what would’ve happened if we didn’t. You might be stuck on there for ever!”



“Maybe that would be less torture than this” Niall whispers making me chuckle which earns me a death glare from “uniform-guy”.



 I quickly shut up and he goes further with his speech: “We will give everyone the best services and we will treat you like any customer. We have 3 rooms available one 2 persons room and two four persons rooms. I will let the crew bring you some clothes and I will inform the rescue services that we found you. In your room there is also a phone so you can call any one you like, this ship’s next stop is The Bahamas and from there on you can travel to your homes. These are the keys of your hotel rooms and that man over there will show you the way.” He points to a small guy in a uniform looking nervous.



 We take the keys and follow the man. When he opens the door our room he lingers a bit while playing with his perfectly ironed shirt obviously wanting to ask something.



“Is there something wrong?” Louis asks him a bit confused



“Ehm yeah… I mean no… Could I ask you something?” the man asks a bit shy still fidgeting at his shirt.



“Yeah of course what is it?” I answer trying to make the man less nervous.



“Well… my daughter is a huge fan and well she would totally love to have your signatures. So I thought maybe you could sign her picture but only if you want too ofcourse” he adds the last part quickly



“OFCOURSE what a silly question what’s her name!” Louis yells making the man’s face crack open in a small smile. It’s a nice smile that makes his whole face light up.



“Her names Manon… but could you please not tell my boss I asked this. we’re not supposed to talk to you.”, the man’s smile disappears again.



I knew there was something wrong with that captain , he’s a freaking dictator.



“We won’t”, I assure him, “ what do you want us to sign?”



He gets a picture of a girl out of his pocket and hands it to me. I take a look at the girl she looks a lot like him. Her hair is short and blondish, her eyes are pure hazel and she has a smile that dominates the whole picture. She must be a Niall girl judging by her smile. It makes you want to smile too, just like Niall’s smile does.



“She seems really friendly you’re lucky with her.” I tell him while I sign the picture against the wall.



“I am” he simply states. I give the picture to Harry.



“So who’s her favourite?” I ask the man out of curiosity.



“She loves all of you, but I guess… Niall is her favourite, that’s the blond one right?”



I smile and nod his daughter taught him well.  Plus I knew she was a Niall girl! go me I am soooo good! I grin to myself.



“You’re such a weirdo.” Louis states obviously noticing my grin



 “I love you  too, Lou!”



“I know you do Lili! Doesn’t change the fact that you’re a weirdo though!” Louis says yelling, for no obvious reason. I pull him into a big bear hug for being the random Louis he is. he struggles to get out but I’m stronger than him so after a few seconds he gives up his attempts to get out. 



 “Did I already say you’re a weirdo?!”, he asks furrowing his eyebrows



“Yes you did!”



“Well, I’ll say it twice than YOU’RE A WEIRDO!!!!!”



I give him a kiss and run, quite fast considering my ankle, in to the room. Which by the way is the most beautiful room I have ever seen in my life but I have a strong feeling the rest of the gang’s rooms aren’t that beautiful. I hate the 1D-treatement .



My gaze falls upon an antique phone on the bedside table.  Zayn!



“Guys I’m going to call Zayn!”, I yell outside. In less than a second all of the boys are next to me.



“Come on, Lili quicker!”, Harry urges me. I dial Zayn’s phone number and hear the beep tone go over. Until a tired voice answers: ”Hi mum I’ll be home in a bit.” My heart stops when I hear Zayn’s voice he didn’t sound good at all.



“Hello… mum! Answer!” Zayn urges a bit annoyed. I snap out of my shock.



“Zayn?”, his name comes out more like a question, “It’s Liam.”



I can almost hear Zayn’s heart stop “Li-Li-Li-Liam”, he stutters his voice near tears. I can’t resist a smile.



“Yes it’s Liam  and Niall, Louis and Harry are here too.” I try to convince him.



“Hi Zayn!”, the boys scream in unison. Zayn bursts out in tears



“That were the boys.”, I laugh.



“I figured.” Zayn replies with a husky voice from crying.” When are you coming back to Britain?“



“We’ll arrive in the Bahamas tomorrow and then we’ll take a plane to London.”



“A-a-a plane”, he stutters



“Relax Zayn. Our plane can’t crash twice, even fate isn’t that cruel.”, I try to calm him down.



“Fate is a bitch”, Zayn states. We both go quiet what is there to say that Zayn didn’t already explain by  saying fate is a bitch.



“I’ll give Harry”, I tell him breaking the silence and hand the phone to Harry who’s been  wining to speak to Zayn the whole time.



I walk  the bathroom. A man who looks like a savage greets me in the mirror. I jump up when I realise that is my reflection. I don’t look like the boy who went to America anymore. My eyes look tired and dull they lost their normal sparkle and the part of my skin my heavy beard doesn’t cover  looks pale and grey. I look away from the terrifying view that is me, take all of my clothes off and walk into the ginormous shower .  When the hot water runs over my back, all of my worries seem to fade away leaving only one thought in my head


Fate is a bitch


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