Charlotte and her friend are travelling back from an amazing trip to New York. When suddenly the unthinkable happens their plane crashes. When Charlotte wakes up she's on a deserted island with only a few other survivors including four band members of One Direction.

While strugling to survive Charlotte falls in love with Liam but what will happen with their love when there back home and most of all will they ever get back home?


4. Late nights


Charlotte’s POV:



I’m standing on the beach. I wake up bathing in my sweat because of another stupid Liam dream  he’s all my dreams are going about lately. I’m already scared of going to sleep because I know there will be another dream I don’t want to have. This night my dream was  worse than normal. Normally it are only love dreams but this time me and Liam were old and had grey hair. Liam was lying in a hospital bed. The hart monitor was the only thing I could hear along with Liam’s raspy breathing. I was holding his cold blue hand in my own. I knew he was going to die soon. He was in pain I could see it from his facial expression but he didn’t complain, he never did… I was holding a cushion in my hands only trying to make his pain stop I pushed it softly against his face covering his mouth and nose until I heard the heart monitor giving a long beep and I knew it was over. Liam wouldn’t suffer anymore. 


 I feel the chilly breeze on my cheeks giving me shivers. Or maybe the shivers came from remembering my dream. I look at the sea trying to not think of the dream. It seems so endless and blank. I can’t help but thinking When will we ever get home, will we even ever get back home?


It’s been 2 weeks since the plane crash. My ribs have healed really well and I can stand up again. The rest is also much better except Harry . He still can’t remember anything about the past two years of his life. The rest of the guys try to tell him as much as they can about his own life. It must be horrible for him other people knowing more about him than he does but he takes it really well.  I like Harry he’s really cheeky or like Lou would say “he’s a cheeky chap” . None of them are actually like I expected them to be. There much more down to earth than normal superstars, only Liam doesn’t talk to me anymore. I think he’s avoiding me but I really couldn’t care less.


We don’t have that much tasks together which I’m glad for because every time we’re alone the conversation falls into an awkward silence.  I never know what to say around him and if I do say something it always sounds stupid so I don’t say anything,  being around him makes me so damn confused. I can’t look in to his eyes without slightly dying inside and every time he says my name it sounds so special giving me shivers


Oh my god! I’m doing it again head stop thinking so much   


  I look at the plane trying to get my thoughts off of Liam. It looks so spooky in the shadows of the moonlight  like the ghosts of all the people that died on it were still in there. I still remember the blank lifeless bodies floating away on the waves when we gave them a sea burial.  I still remember thinking of their relatives and friends a million miles from here still hoping every single minute that their loved one would come back which they never would. They wouldn’t even be able to give them a decent burial   I’m waked up from my thinking by a deep voice behind me. I jump when I realise it’s Liam


“You shouldn’t be out here alone.” Liam says casually. He is also staring at the sea I can hear his deep breathing next to me and for some reason it makes my heart pound faster


“It’s not like someone would kidnap me or something.” I say laughing childishly. My laugh breaks the silence of the waves . I mentally slap myself for that stupid joke. Why can’t I just be my normal self around him.


“Can’t you sleep either?” he asks me. I’m happy he ignores my stupid joke, I nod leaving another awkward silence. What should I say. We both stare at the sea in our own thoughts I wonder what he’s thinking, I start humming a song that was in my head to break the silence


“Do you think we’ll ever get back home?” he asks. I can hear his voice sounds a bit torn


For some reason that makes me want to scream to him “So you can go back to your perfect girlfriend?”  but I don’t I just mumble that I don’t know and look back in the distance, wondering how far home would be.


“I don’t know isn’t an answer, Charlotte.“, he says cocky which I can’t stand. He doesn’t seem to understand that I have people waiting for me too, I hate being on this island too. He whole world doesn’t revolve around superstar Liam and his perfect girlfriend. CHARLOTTE, STOP BEING SO JEALOUS a voice in my head tells me. FUCK YOU VOICE!!


“To be honest Liam I don’t fucking think so!” I suddenly scream letting the emotions of the past weeks come out of. Liam doesn’t even look at me. Making my rage even worse.


“Well at least you were honest.”, he’s still looking forward towards the sea. I wonder why he does that. I want him to look at me and see how confused I am about everything but mostly I want him to see… me. No you don’t charlotte you hate him and his fucking ego… I can’t lie to myself anymore. I do love him and it fucking sucks!


I take his chin, turning his face towards mine. I stare into his perfect eyes trying not to show my fear and confusion.


“Why can’t you look at me?”, I ask him swallowing hard.


He answers with a trembling voice  “Because I wouldn’t be able  not to kiss you when I did”  


My body freezes and it feels like the world has stopped turning. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I wonder if I’m dreaming, I probably  am Liam would never cheat on Danielle. I look into his beautiful brown eyes wondering if he is going to kiss me now or if I’m going to wake up in my old bed with my teddy bear in my arms and the blanket on the ground realising that it was all just a bad dream and that none of this ever happened


He comes closer to me and leans forward but as soon as his soft lips touch mine I realise it isn’t a dream and that he has a beautiful girlfriend waiting on him to come back home. I turn my head away embarrassed that I let it come so far. I don’t love him and even if I would it would never work out between us. He is a worldwide sensation and I am only a small-town girl from Barnstable I don’t have to give myself any illusions


“ I’m sorry.” I tell him I try to sound strong like I actually know what I want but my voice just comes out all shrill and insecure. I walk away trying not to look back a tear rolls down my cheek I don’t know why this is so hard . I can feel Liam’s hurt eyes in my back and my heart slowly breaks with every step I take further from him. He screams: “Charlotte, wait!” I don’t want to wait but my feet don’t seem to obey me anymore. Come on feet! you know he wouldn’t be able to keep up with you because his ankle isn’t healed yet you are faster please just move I want to scream to them but I realise shouting at my feet would just be strange. I can hear Liam stumping to get near to me  I feel his fingers grasping my arm but I still don’t look at him


“Leave me alone, Liam I’m tired” I tell him quite fiercely for my condition

“Come on Charlotte listen to me”, he says his voice sounding hurt. I can see he’s struggling his tears too “I’m sorry I kissed you but i just couldn’t hold my feelings back any more, every time I’m with you I just can’t control myself you’re just so perfect and every time you smile my heart sinks knowing that I will never be with you, never be able to call you mine. I can’t even think about you without feeling an enormous pain in my heart, Charlotte. Sometimes I even hope we will never get of this island so I can be with you for the rest of my life even though you obviously don’t want me like that.  There isn’t a moment of the day I don’t think about you and every time I see you my whole day just lights up.  I’ve just never felt this way about anyone before I, I… love you Charlotte” his lips are trembling when he says those last word


I just stand there with my feet nailed to the ground what should I do? . I desperately wanted to say I love him too with all my heart but I just can’t.


“Waw did that speech really work with Danielle.”, I say sarcastically. It feels like someone else said those words. But we can’t be together, never. It’s just not… possible.


Liam looks away. He probably doesn’t want me to see his tears. He’s right I’m not worth his tears. I’m an egocentric bitch  It hurts me being so mean to him but it’s better this way. I swallow hard an walk away from him. Leaving him alone and broken on the beach. I try really hard not to cry this time but I just can’t stop my tears from falling. I know what I’ve done was right but it just feels so wrong.  


 I silently lay down on my leave bed, trying not to wake up any curious people who would want to know what happened.  I close my eyes but in my mind i see Liam’s broken face and trembling lips over and over again so I leave them open and stare at nothing just so I won’t have to face my emotions again.


When the sun finally rises I see Liam’s bed is still empty. He must of slept on the beach. I really feel bad for him but as I already said it’s better this way.


“Good morning, Charlotte”, Louis says happily. He obviously has no idea what happened last night and I don’t want him to know so I answer on the same cheery tone “Good morning, boobear!”


He smiles and whispers: “Only Harry can call me boobear”


 I laugh, Louis told me about the Larry Stylinson thing a few days ago and I still can’t stop laughing every time he brings it up.


“Mmmh, it’s going to be a long day today. I have food shift”


“Oh yeah, I forgot what I had to do today.” I lie. I do know what my task will be today but I secretly was hoping no one else would remember and I could just do something else.


 “I remember, álainn, we have Liam duty together!” Niall says happily with his morning voice.


“What the fuck is aw-len?” I ask laughing about his funny nick names.


“Love, if you’re going to speak Irish do it right it’s pronounced: awh-lenn and it means beautiful” he says on a nutty professor tone.


“Well AWH-LENN” I say over-pronunciating “I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t give me anymore pet names not even Irish ones. My names Charlotte remember?” 


“SIR, yes, SIR!” Niall yells laughing probably making fun of my Irish


“That’s better”


“Sorry to barge in on your probably very interesting conversation. But have any of you seen Liam?” Louis asks a bit worried.


Only hearing Liam’s name makes my whole mood go bad again. “I dunno…” I mumble ot very believable.


“Maybe he slept on the beach again?” Niall asks taking over Louis’ worried voice.


“I’ll go look” Louis says and he walks out the door.


 Me and Niall decided on waking the rest up too. Of course, like the nice and caring people we are,  we just screamed: “Wake up you lazy mofos!” and went out on the beach to prepare our breakfast that practically existed out of a bit of left over bird ( I call it bird because I don’t have a clue what kind of bird) from yesterday and a lot of fruits.


My heart practically skipped a beat when Louis came over to us with Liam looking like shit, not being rude because everyone of us obviously looked bad we were already stuck on this island for half a month but Liam just looked… horrible. I feel so bad for him because it’s all my fault but he’ll be fine   heartache doesn’t last forever.


“woah you look bad!” Niall laughs not knowing the reason of his looks was me. Liam doesn’t answer but I give Niall a killer stare instead causing him to fall over a stone. Harry’s and Maya’s laughs suddenly appear out of nowhere.


“Look who decided to get up, it’s the curly man!” Louis says cheery, laughing at Harry’s bed hair. Harry rolls his eyes and joins our breakfast. After a few minutes the rest come too apologizing for being late.


“What’s up with him?” Vanessa whispers when she sits down next to me she, probably meaning Liam. I just shrug and put a piece of bird in my mouth so I won’t have to answer. She leaves it with that and turns to Brian probably realizing that I don’t have a lot to say today.


As soon as breakfast’s over everybody goes their own way leaving me, Niall and Liam in the camp to do the cleaning up and stuff. Liam immediately goes back to bed leaving me and Niall alone on the beach.


“What’s up with him?” Niall asks friendly.


“How should I know, I’m not his mother” I just answer on an annoyed tone.


Luckily he leaves it with that and goes back to work singing a song.


“Don’t try to make me stay or ask if I’m okay


I don’t have the answer


Don’t make me stay the night or ask if I’m alright


I don’t have the answer


Heartache doesn’t last forever I’ll say I’m fine


Midnight ain’t no time for laughing  when we say goodbye”


Waw those last few sentences really explain what happened last night. I suddenly get a panic attack maybe he’s singing this song to make me know that he knows about me and Liam.


“What song is that it’s really nice.” I say casually like I don’t know he’s giving me a clue.


He smiles proudly “It’s our own song called: Irresistible” I try to find a hint of suspicion in his voice but there is no only proud. I sigh relieved


The next time he sang the song I sing along with him. Making him crack up.


“What?” I ask him a bit hurt.


“It’s just… I knew you had a hidden talent.” Niall says like he found out my biggest secret. I just look at him in riddles not understanding what my hidden talent was. “Yeah you’re a BRILLIANT singer!” he explains. I blush nobody ever said I was a good singer but I guess I’ve never sang to anyone either. Niall wakes me from my thoughts    


“Do you see that too?” he asks me suddenly much more serious. He points towards the sea


When I follow his finger I see a gigantic cruise ship really close to us and I can’t help but scream out of joy.  I immediately pull my shirt off and I ask Niall to give me his too. Niall blushes slightly but he does as I ordered I tie our shirts together and start waving with it like a mad person.  Niall starts making a fire so they might see the smoke and luckily his fire immediately starts burning. I heave a loud sigh when the ship beeps to let us know that it saw us.


“Niall am I dreaming?” I ask him in utter disbelieve. We might actually come off of this freaking island, we might be going home.


“Well I hope you’re not because I won’t survive another day on this island.” Niall answers bluntly


The others come running out of the jungle like maniacs. They all start yelling and laughing when they see the ship.


Harry is the first to notice that we don’t have our shirts on anymore and he grins “Niall we leave you and Charlotte alone for a few hours and you already get naked. Do you have a good explanation for that Mr Horan?”


“but-“, Niall starts desperately. He’s cute when he blushes.


“A, a, a no excuses young fellow!” Harry interrupts him with an evil schoolteacher voice.


Niall gives up and he just stares at the ship. I wonder what he’s thinking. Probably wondering  if Harry could get even more annoying.


“I’m going to get a shirt.” I tell them a bit awkward and I walk back to the camp. When I enter it I see Liam’s sitting straight in his bed.


“Was that a boat?” he asks nervous not even noticing that I don’t have a shirt on. I nod still not in the mood for talking to him. I get my shirt and go back outside. The ship is now only a few inches away from the coast and there is a smaller boat coming up to us. I tell the boys to get Liam and try to see the people on the little boat they’re smiling and waving to us I wave back so they wouldn’t think I’m arrogant, one person thinking that is enough. Shit you promised yourself you wouldn’t think of him anymore. So far so good.

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