Charlotte and her friend are travelling back from an amazing trip to New York. When suddenly the unthinkable happens their plane crashes. When Charlotte wakes up she's on a deserted island with only a few other survivors including four band members of One Direction.

While strugling to survive Charlotte falls in love with Liam but what will happen with their love when there back home and most of all will they ever get back home?


6. Drunk


Charlotte’s POV:



“Wow take a look at this!”, Maya screams from the other room. I wrap a towel around my body and walk towards her. She’s standing in front of a closet with a dress in her hands.



“They gave us clothes!”, she yells while twirling with the dress.



“Really!”, I scream fake excited. Maya slaps my arm. “WHAT?”, I ask her raising my eyebrows.



“You should be excited!”



“I WAS excited!”, I lie



“No you weren’t!”



“Yes I was!”



“NO you weren’t!”






“oh come on just try a dress!”, she gives up.



“HA I won!”


“Waw you must be so proud of yourself”, she replies sarcastically while searching through the closet.



“I am!”



“aha, this will be perfect for you!”, Maya screams while getting a beautiful cobald blue lace dress out of the closet.



“Isn’t that a bit short?”, I ask her a bit uncertain.



“You’re such a pussy!”



“AM NOT!”, I scream a bit hurt.



“am too!”






“Charlotte we are not going to start this again!”



“I’ll wear the dress”, I sigh. She smiles at me.



“Get that grin of your face!”, I yell while getting back into the bathroom. I pull the dress on and brush my hear. Maya walks in wearing a spectacular red one shoulder dress



“You look flabbergasting!”, I tell her.



“Not as flabbergasting as you!”, she replies. In case you wouldn’t have noticed flabbergasting is kind of our word.



“Did they include some make-up too?”



I look at the wash table. “Nah too bad! But you look beautiful without make-up too”, I complement her.



“Awww, thanks but seriously what’s up with all the complements, Char?”



I smile. “I’m just in a good mood. Showers do that to me. You know?”



“Haha, yeah I know!” she hugs me.



“What was that for?”, I ask her when she lets go.



“What do I have to have a reason to give my best friend in the whole wide world a hug?”, she asks me on a funny accent.



 I giggle “Nah of course you don’t!”, I scream for no reason and I pull her into another embrace.



“Come on are you ready?”, she asks me struggling to get out of my arms. I let her go and nod. I walk towards the door.



“Wait, wait”, Maya suddenly screams, “We don’t have any shoes on !”



“There are no shoes!”, I scream when I look into the closet.



“Then I will declare this day as NO-SHOE-DAY!”, Maya screams randomly.



“Come on lets go weirdo”, I tell her while walking outside towards the boys’ room.



“What do we have to do with the key?”, Maya asks me holding a black key card before my eyes.



I take the key and put it in my bra giving Maya a cheeky grin.



“Make sure you don’t lose that tonight”,  a low, seducing voice behind me says. I quickly turn around to see Harry and the boys standing there all smirking. I blush that’s awkward.



“You thought that was bad already. You  should see her when she had a few to many!”, Maya teases me.



“Gees thanks for helping me Maya!”



“You’re welcome!”



“By the way girls you look amazing”, Niall complements us.



“Thanks Niall look Harry that’s the way to get me in your bed!”, I tease Harry.



Niall makes a yes-movement with his arm.



“Oh so you want to go to bed with Niall”, Louis notices I blush even worse well at least I don’t need the make-up anymore.



“I didn’t say that!”, I try to defend myself. Louis just goes mmmhhmm on me. I roll my eyes Louis is so SASSY.



“C’mon lets go have some food!”, Liam changes the subject.



“FOOD!” That was Niall as you could imagine.







“OMG! Do you really know Ed sheeran!”, I scream when I hear Harry mention him in his story that I wasn’t really listening to. Harry just has a really boring voice.



“Oh so you ARE an Ed Sheeran fan but you’re not a directioner! I can’t believe you.  It’s the hair isn’t it”, Harry replies fake hurt breaking of his story



“Oh calm your tits Haz and yes it is the hair”, I tease him



Harry pretends that he’s crying. “How could you? I trusted you Charlotte!” 



I roll my eyes . “Weren’t you telling a story?”



“Yes I was but no one was listening”



Oh so he noticed



“You can’t judge us can you? Did you hear yourself?  Uhm… yeah.. and well… afterwards we like… went to an uhm… party and we like…-“ Louis imitates Harry’s voice



“OK I get it Lou I’m not interesting Gosh you don’t have to rub it in my face like that”, Harry stops him.



“I think you are interesting”, Maya buts in.



“Thanks Maya see Louis I AM interesting”, he pouts but his cheeks are blood red and so are Maya’s.



“Anyone wants a drink?”, Liam asks.



“Should you really do that Liam?”, I ask him a bit concerned I read that he had a problem with his kidney and he certainly had had a few too many to be healthy tonight .



“F*CK you’re not my mother are you?”, Liam grumbles and walks towards the bar. What’s in his pants. I’ve never heard him swear before and on the island there were a lot more reasons to swear I follow him to the bar.



“No I’m not but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you” I tell him looking into his eyes



“I don’t want you to care about me Charlotte. I  want you to love me!”, He yells at me. Oh here we go again. For some reason I thought he got the message yesterday but he obviously didn’t.



“Liam I don’t love you and you don’t love me either you’re just confused because you didn’t see your girlfriend for a long time and I look a lot like her”, I tell him.



Hell, I don’t even know what his girlfriend looks like.



“Charlotte just leave me alone and let me get my drink.”



“NO”, I state






“Yes, NO I won’t let you pour poison in your blood because of some stupid crush you believe you have on me!”



“And what if poison is the only thing that can cure my “crush”!”



“Poison is NOT the only thing that can cure your crush, Liam!”, I yell at him not noticing the people are beginning to stare.



F*ck he makes me so furious.



“ I’m going to sleep.”, he states and walks away.



“Sweet dreams!”, I yell at him sarcastically.



“Thanks!”, he yells back. He’ll probably drink the whole mini-bar tonight. But I honestly couldn’t care less if he wants to have a hangover tomorrow then that’s his own problem and if he does have a kidney problem than he’s just plain stupid. But I won’t make the same mistake twice.



I walk up to Maya and the boys and sit down with a heavy sigh.



“What just happened?”, Maya whispers in my ear.



“Nothing…”, I sigh.



“Charlotte don’t lie to me. I could hear Liam screaming.”



I sigh again “Let’s go to the toilet”



Maya nods and we both stand up.



“Where are you two going?”, Harry asks us.



“The little ladies room Harold would you like to come with?”, I tease him.



“What is it with girls and going to the toilet together?”, Niall asks a bit puzzled.



“Niall, Niall, Niall, sweet innocent Niall. When Hermione went to the toilet on her own she got attacked by a troll, Ginny got abducted and moaning Mertyle was killed so that’s why girls NEVER and I repeat never go to the bathroom alone. It’s just plain dangerous.”, Maya tells him simply.



“OMG are you a Harry Potter fan too!”, Harry yells excitedly.



“YEAH like duh!”, Maya replies like she didn’t read all that shit on twitter and she actually knows who moaning Mertyle is.



“Come on Maya lets go to the toilet. if she start with Harry Potter  no one can stop her.”, I play along.



She mouths thank you to me because she absolutely doesn’t know a thing about Harry Potter and we walk towards the bathroom. When I’m sure they can’t hear me anymore I let out a yelp.



“What did you just do that for?”, Maya asks laughing.



“You were flirting with Harry Styles!”



“So?”, she blushes.



“So?? Wait let me repeat that you were flirting with HARRY FREAKING STYLES!”, I yell



“Man Charlotte calm your tits girl. It isn’t because me and Harry happen to have the same interests that I was flirting.”, she tells me shrugging her shoulders



I laugh at her “SERIOUSLY babe you hate Harry Potter. You said and I quote Harry Potter is for ten-year old kids and childish lunatics. Books like that shouldn’t be called literature.”



“I never said that!”



“Yeah you did you even said it on tape!”



“People change their minds?”, she replies more like a question. I grin.



“Harry and Maya sitting in the bus-“, I start singing childishly.



“Oh Charlotte shut up we didn’t go to the toilet to talk about me and Harry”, she changes the subject, “Tell me what happened between you and Liam!”



I sigh “He wanted another drink I told him he couldn’t and he started yelling at me for trying to save him from a hangover nothing more nothing less.”



“OH and what about the part he practically declared his love for you?!”, Maya yells.



“He was drunk”, I state, “Plus, he has a girlfriend.”



“So… is it mutual?”, she pushes me.



“I… I don’t know”, I reply honestly, “last night just made me so confusedOh crap I shouldn’t of said that



“Last night, what happened last night?”, she immediately asks me. I really can’t keep a secret from Maya.



“Nothing!” I reply too quickly and too loud.



“Come on Charlotte I know you better than you know yourself you can’t lie to me”



I sigh “We kissed”



Maya’s eyes widen “YOU WHAT?!”, she practically asks the whole toilet.



“ but you don’t understand HE kissed me and I immediately pulled back please don’t be mad at me”



“Charlotte-“, Maya tries to say but I interrupt her.



“I know, I know but I’m so sorry and I really don’t need you to judge me it’s not like I don’t judge myself enough already.”



“Are you done?”, she asks me surprisingly calm.



I nod



“Ok good I just want to say that it’s not your fault Liam kissed you. Nor is it your fault you’re falling for him even though he has a girlfriend.” I sigh relieved that she is still speaking to me but then her words come breaking through.



“Wait, WHAT?!”



“Oh Charlotte don’t act like that. Didn’t I already tell you, you can’t lie to me.”



What is she saying? Am I in love with Liam. I don’t know I won’t let myself be in love with him he has a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter anyway he’s famous and I’m… nothing when we’re back in the UK I will never see him again and the memory of my potential feelings for a certain One Direction band member will fade away until I don’t even know his name anymore, but for now I can only wait for that day. I’ll probably laugh about this later.



“I can’t, can I?”, I ask her not even noticing the tears rolling down my cheeks.



“No you can’t. Now dry your tears. I heard someone saying that there is going to be some karaoke later on”, she comforts me while wiping a tear away with her thumb. I give her a small smile.



“And we wouldn’t want to miss karaoke evening now do we?”



“Nope we don’t”







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