Charlotte and her friend are travelling back from an amazing trip to New York. When suddenly the unthinkable happens their plane crashes. When Charlotte wakes up she's on a deserted island with only a few other survivors including four band members of One Direction.

While strugling to survive Charlotte falls in love with Liam but what will happen with their love when there back home and most of all will they ever get back home?


1. Fallen


Charlotte’s POV


Everything is black. In the distance i hear someone scream my name but I feel too weak to answer


“Charlotte please stay with me don’t leave me” ,the voice yells again.


 I feel a drop falling on my face and I open my eyes to see what it was. It was a tear falling from Maya’s eyes. She doesn’t look good but her face lights up when she sees I’m awake


 “ Your alive!” she screams and she hugs me violently.


I groan everything hurts and I can’t remember anything what happened the last few hours


” Where am I?”, I ask with a weak voice.


“Don’t you remember?” she starts crying again “Our airplane crashed there are only  7 people who survived including you and me and we’re stranded on this island with no one to come and help us. Geographically this island doesn’t even exist But now you’ve woken up I feel like someone will find us. I was so scared you we’re dead you know I couldn’t believe you would leave me all alone on a deserted island a million miles from home. But how are you Charlotte?” she smiles but I can see she’s fighting her tears


 I don’t want to make her feel worst by saying everything hurts but I don’t have the energy to persuade her that I’m OK so I just say that I’ll live and give her a fake smile.


She smiles back I have always been an optimist that’s what people like about me but even i can’t see the bright sight of this situation well accept that I’m alive then. Being alive is always a good thing.


Maya looks to me with worry in her eyes “You’re probably starving aren’t you?”


 I nod I’m not really hungry but I want Maya to leave me alone because I’m too tired to do like I’m fine .I try to sit up to look if there is anyone else in the improvised camp but it hurts too much so I give up and just slowly turn my head. I see a boy lying next to me  he must’ve been beautiful before he was in the crash but now his face is  full of scratches and he looks quit scary


“So you’ve waked up” the boy says without opening his eyes.


“Waw you’re a smart one aren’t you .” I say annoyed because I want the boy to leave me alone but then I look at his leg and I can see why he can’t leave me alone there is a bone sticking out of his ankle. I quickly look away but the image of that bone sticking out stays with me. He must be really tough if he can just cope with that pain  


“Well you’re a sassy girl. Aren’t you even going to tell me your name?”, the boy answers with a smile


I wonder if he even knows he has an out fracture


 “My name’s Charlotte What’s your name?“ I answer a bit friendlier this time


“My name’s Liam Payne.” The boy says like he’s waiting on me to yell or something.


 Instead I just look at him in riddles


“OK so your obviously not a directioner.”


I still haven’t got a clue what he’s talking about.


“ I am part of a pretty big boy band called One Direction and that’s what we call our fans, directioners”, he explains


My former me would probably be thrilled about meeting a celebrity. But now the only I thing I can think about is how typically it is that the celebrity gets to survive he’ll probably make a nice movie out of it when he gets back in Hollywood 


out of all the people that could’ve survived why did God choose such a stuck up idiot to survive. I think to myself, I start crying because of all the persons that died in that plane crash mother’s, father’s, daughter’s, brother’s sister’s it’s just so unfair why did some people deserve to live and some people didn’t


 “Please don’t cry” Liam says sweetly.


But that just makes me want to cry harder but I don’t because tears don’t mean anything they won’t bring all those people back to life. They can’t… even if they wanted to.




Liam’s POV:


I hate it when people cry, I always have. It makes me feel so useless so I decide I’ll sing something to cheer her up but the only song I can think about is “It wasn’t me”  well it’s better than nothing I think to myself and I start singing Charlotte cracks up and I smile to because she isn’t crying any more.


I can’t believe that an hour ago Louis, Niall, Harry and me where still up in the sky perfectly save playing and laughing about and now Niall and Harry are probably dead, my whole body is covered in scars and Louis is going totally crazy looking for survivors who aren’t there.


A girl that runs in interrupts my thoughts “Louis and Simon found other survivors!” ,she yells


I hold my breath as I see Louis and another man who’s probably Simon bring a curly haired boy in he’s unconscious but I immediately recognize him it’s Harry I want to jump up and hug Louis but my broken ankle won’t let me


so I just say “Thank God for not giving up Louis”


“Nah you should thank Simon besides look who we also found” he says with a smile it’s his first smile since the plane crash and I can see the old Louis coming back


I wonder who the other survivor is. Somewhere in my heart I hope it’s Niall but I know it couldn’t be him that would just be… impossible. I wait until Lou and Simon come in again with another  at first I can’t see who it is.


But then he says: “Hi, Liam” and my hearts starts pumping.


“No it couldn’t be this must be a dream” I whisper faithlessly


“Waw then you should wake up right now because I’m soooo hungry!!!”, Niall says with a smile


I can see he’s in a lot of pain but he doesn’t show it because he doesn’t want me to feel bad he always does that he can’t stand people feeling pity for him


“How’s Harry.”, I ask Louis who’s sitting by Harry’s bed with a worried frown in his forehead.


I shouldn’t of asked that because Louis starts crying. Harry is his best friend. He can’t even think about losing him this must be so hard on him  


“He’s in a coma.”, Simon answers in Louis place, ”But his heart is still beating so he’ll be fine. He can wake up any moment now.”


 he doesn’t believe his own words  he just said it to give Louis some hope. I look at Harry his face is totally covered in scars and he doesn’t look good. I miss his smile and dimples in his cheeks I want to cry and shake him till he wakes up but I don’t because I know that won’t help. All I can do is pray that he’ll be fine. 



 Once again I think about what would of happened I we weren’t on that plane. I wonder if there are helicopters looking for us or maybe they have already given up. No Zayn would never give up on us I tell myself. He just can’t. He’s probably giving a press conference right now asking for volunteers to help and find us. The whole world is probably searching for us!


“If you say so.” a voice in my head says but I ignore it being a pessimist won’t help either. I have to keep  hoping 

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