Forever Love

Valeria is a girl who her mom died when she was 7,her dad at the age of 13 made her sepparate contact with her family,Valeria's dad starting rapping,cutting and stabbing her at that age to,he was drinking all the time and smoking,one day when Valeria is 18 she meets one direction, finds something interesting and also falls inlove with one of the one direction boys... read the story to find out what happens.


5. POV'S

Valeria's POV

I was walking home and i was thinking of what just happened in the party

i can't let zayn find out what dave does to me or i will putt him and all of his friends and el in danger, i have to do what is right and keep it a secret and make sure el dosen't tell them or zayn will arest dave wich will still putt them in danger becouse of dave's friends,i got home before i oppened the door i thought to myslef 'here comes misery'

i gently and quietly oppened the door as soft as i could and i was quite supprised dave didn't come for me when i as walking up the stairs i saw him passed out in the couch, wow he really drank alot

i putt on sweats and a big top on me and went to sleep.

Liam's POV

Valeria was beautiful when i first saw her,i felt bad that she had to leave becouse i wanted to know her really bad but when i first looked in her eyes when she had to leave to her home she had like a pain look in her eyes

i really hope non of the guys like Valeria becouse i have a tiny little crush on her, but zayn won't ever let me date her unless it is a miracle

Harry's POV

she looked so adorable,i can't believe she is zayn's cousin, those brown eyes of her were beautiful, but will zayn let me date her?,does she even like me?i could see liam and niall couldn't take their eyes off Valeria, they better not like her

Niall's POV

i have a crush on Valeria,omg but looked like harry and liam like her,but i do to, who ever wins gets her,game on! 



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