Forever Love

Valeria is a girl who her mom died when she was 7,her dad at the age of 13 made her sepparate contact with her family,Valeria's dad starting rapping,cutting and stabbing her at that age to,he was drinking all the time and smoking,one day when Valeria is 18 she meets one direction, finds something interesting and also falls inlove with one of the one direction boys... read the story to find out what happens.


2. party time!!!

Next day after school

Valeria's POV

"Val!!!" i heard someone familiar scream while i was walking to my house,i turned around to see Eleanor with her car parked behind me,i walked to the car and to the window "Hi El!" i said to her,"Whats up?" i said to her,"Remember you were coming to the party with me and i was giving you a ride?"El said to me,"Oh Shoot!!! i forgot about that and i dont have anything to wear" i said to El, "Dont worry we could stop by my house for a minute and i'll give you something of mine to wear for the party" El said to me,"Really you will do that?" i said to El confusedly,"Of course,now hop in" she said to me,"Ok thanks El you're the best" i said to her thanking her and sitting on my seat,"No problem and i know i am" she said jokingly, i laughed at it while i closed the door on my side, she laughed back

The whole ride to her house she was telling me stories and stuff about Louis and his friends (also his band mates)

At Eleanor's house

El quickly went to her room and gave me tight jeans and a cute blue top and black boots and silver earings and silver bracelets

I went to the bathroom and changed and i curled my hair and putt on a balck headband that for the first time made me look pretty

i walked downstair and when Eleanor saw me he mouth drop as if she was shocked to see me like this, "How i look?" i asked Eleanor,"You look super pretty, maybe a guy might fancy you at the party"she said to me,"Nah no guy can like me, i may look pretty now but later i will look really ugly"i said to her,"You look pretty everyday,dont say that cause it is not true"she siad to me,"Ok ok" i said to her while putting on my leather black jacket

At the party

My mouth dropped when i saw the house it was really big and beautiful, i loved it!!!

El giggled when she saw me then she said "beautiful isin't it?","Yes really beautiful!!!" i said to her, "Well let's go inside i cant wait for you to meet louis and the boys!!!" El said exitedly, i nodded as a respond while i closed my mouth

"EL!!!!!!!" a boy with a pair of red jeans and a shirt with suspenders went screaming over to her and hugging her,she hugged back to him,when he stopped hugging her and froze when he saw me, i looked at El

El said "Louis this is my best friend Valeria,Valeria this is Louis my boyfriend"

i waved at him and looked at El and Louis back again and thought to myself 'They are a really cute couple'

Louis then out of no where hugged me really tight and let go

"Sorry i dont do hand shaking, i do hugs"Louis said to me

"Yes that is true and it is one of the things i love about him"El said to me while starring at Louis's eyes the he kissed her and smiled at her while pushing away

"Well let me introduce you to my friends and show you around" Louis said to me and i nooded as a respond

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