Forever Love

Valeria is a girl who her mom died when she was 7,her dad at the age of 13 made her sepparate contact with her family,Valeria's dad starting rapping,cutting and stabbing her at that age to,he was drinking all the time and smoking,one day when Valeria is 18 she meets one direction, finds something interesting and also falls inlove with one of the one direction boys... read the story to find out what happens.


6. off limits

Valeria's POV

Today was a good morning,i didn't get in trouble and i told this morning to dave where i was going (school) and i told him a little lie saying that i would be home late becouse i have a group at school and suprisingly he let me wow i was shooked, i think it was the drinking talking but i dont care i told him and he accepted

After school i said goodbye to el and waited for zayn at the front of the school,he was taking kinda long so i decided to sit down on the bench,i waited for 20 minutes and he still wasn't here,i was getting worried, i don't think he even wants to give me a ride,well i started walking when a car stopped right next to me and the window went down

it was zayn, "hello,sorry we are late,niall wanted to stop for some food","oh it's ok" i said getting in the car

all 4 boys were at the back and they all waved,i smiled and waved back

"so wanna hang out with me and the boys today?" zayn asked me while he was driving

"sure,what are we going to do?" i said

"what if watch a movie at home?we have alot" niall said

we all nodded as a respond

when we got to their house,i sat down on the couch and zayn was in the kitchen with the boys

Zayn's POV

i need to talk to the boys about Valeria, she is off limits for all

"guys i need to talk to you" i said

all their eyes came on me

"you all know Valeria is my cusin,right well she is off limits" i explained

"aww zayn is being over protective"louis said

"yes i am, she is like a sister to me" i said

"don't worry,im with el and i love her" louis said proudly

"good,what about you niall" i said looking at him,he seemed down

"um sure" niall said silently

"harry?" i asked he looked down too

"um sure" he said exactly like niall

"liam?" i asked

"um sure" he said looking down and he said it like niall and harry did

what is going on,don't tell me niall and harry and liam fancy my cousin that is like a sister to me, i will be watching them close

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