Forever Love

Valeria is a girl who her mom died when she was 7,her dad at the age of 13 made her sepparate contact with her family,Valeria's dad starting rapping,cutting and stabbing her at that age to,he was drinking all the time and smoking,one day when Valeria is 18 she meets one direction, finds something interesting and also falls inlove with one of the one direction boys... read the story to find out what happens.


3. meeting the boys

Valeria's POV

wow i was still inshock of how many people were in this party,anyways then i realised Louis was pushing me into the living room.

He was walking towards a boy that had curls and green eyes, Next thing you know i am right infront of him.

"Harry i would like you to meet Valeria,Valeria i would like you to meet Harry" Louis said

"While,Hello Love"Harry said to me

"Hi" i said shyly becouse i dont like meeting alot of people witch i had a feeling i was going to in this party.

"Harry this is Eleanor's best friend" Louis said to Harry

Harry nodded,"Are you going to introduce her to the boys?"Harry asked Louis, before Louis could answer back someone patted his shoulder and Louis turned around to see a black haired boy with a blonde highlight in his hair.

"Louis this party is awesome!" the black haired boy told to louis "Zayn i would like you to meet Valeria she is Eleanor's best friend and thank you very much" Louis said to zayn

"Hi Love, I am zayn,vas happenin?" zayn said to me,his face looked so familiar, OMG he is my cousin zayn, ive been with him in  my childhood but im not going to tell him who i am becouse then he would want to meet my dad and he will find out what my dad does to me and zayn will putt my dad in jail but then my dad will make one of his friends kill me for telling someone.

"Hi" i said once again shyly,Then Eleanor came to the direction,louis,zayn,harry and i were

"Louis i need to talk to you" Eleanor said to Louis, el was looking at louis with a 'its something important' look,"zayn can you introduce Valeria to the other boys for me?"louis asked zayn, zayn nodded and took my hand and pushed me away into were the pool was, we sat down on a bench asking stuff about our selves,we had so many things in common as if we were brother wich is strange for the fact that we look alike.

Eleanor's POV

i need to tell louis to be not to hard on Valeria becouse she is going to stuff right now that are horrible and painful, i wish i could help her but every time i try to she stops me, i wish her idiot of a father would be locked up in jail, but she wont let me help her,i cant tell anyone or Valeria will be mad at me witch i dont want her to be.

I pulled louis to an empty room

" louis we need to talk" i said to him

"what is it?" louis said to me

"it's about Valeria,she is going through something horrible but i cant tell you what it is and im sorry i cant tell you but dont be to hard on her like make her meet alot of people becouse what she is going through is alot and she dosen't like meeting alot of people" i said taking a breath of how long i said that without breathing

" dont worry, thank you for telling me this and i wont go hard on her there is nothing to be worried about for tonight, tonight let's have fun and i will not introduce her to alot of people" he said to me, i sighed in relief and said "thank you" with a smile,he smiled at me back and kissed me, after about 7 seconds later we stopped and went downstairs to enjoy the party".

Zayn's POV

She looked so alike and then it hit me

OMG she is my cousin!!!, i have been with her in my childhood but when we were 13 her mom died and her dad took her away from us and we never saw her since then.

"Valeria, i remember you!!!" i said to her

"You are my cousin!!!"i said to her exidetly

"Zayn Malik?" she questioned,"Yes it's me, i haven't seen you in so long"

"Me neither, ive missed you so much ever sense" she said to me

"Ive missed you to"i said pulling her into a hug, she hugged back

"Valeria i would like you to meet Niall and Liam" louis said interrupting us,and eleanor,niall,liam and harry were surrouinding us in a circle

"zayn why are you hugging her?" eleanor asked me

"guys this is my cousin" i said to them, when i said that they all froze right there.




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