Forever Love

Valeria is a girl who her mom died when she was 7,her dad at the age of 13 made her sepparate contact with her family,Valeria's dad starting rapping,cutting and stabbing her at that age to,he was drinking all the time and smoking,one day when Valeria is 18 she meets one direction, finds something interesting and also falls inlove with one of the one direction boys... read the story to find out what happens.


4. bye to party

Zayn's POV

I really can't believe she is back here with me, it is amazing, i can't wait to spend time with her.

"what?" eleanor said breaking the silence

"yeah guys" i said

"omg, even though she is your cousin zayn she is pretty" harry said

i saw Val blushing

"zayn can i talk to you?" val said

"sure"i said

we went to the cornener and talked,she told me how she had to leave becouse her dad dosen't know she is at this party and she could get in trouble

"ok well you want me to give you a ride tomorrow after school?"i asked her

"i would love a ride, thanks zayn" she said to me happily,she hugged me and took of walking to her house, i went back to where the guys and el were

"why did she leave?"niall asked

"she said that her dad didn't know that she was here and if she didn't get back soon she could get in trouble" i explained

"oh well that's bad" harry said

"yeah but ima give her a ride to her house tomorrow after school"i said

"o well that's a good sign that you will see her again"lou said

"yupp" i said popping the 'p'.


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