Be Alright

She is his opening act and Elli is her bestfriend. Justin is falling for her and she's pushing him away. She wants to keep this professional, while Elli and Cody have instant chemistry. Will Justin find away to sweep her off her feet?



I wake up to my alarm clock. I forgot I turned it on last night. I check my phone and I have endless calls from Justin. Elli walks in. "Hey Elli" "Hey girl, did you enjoy yesterday?" "Yes, the beach party was amazing. Thank you for taking me out." "No problem, I wanted you to take your mind off of well you know, him" "Thank you" I get up and give her a big hug. "You better get ready, scooter told me to be ready by 1." "Okay, I'll take a shower while you pack." Elli walks into the bathroom and I can't help but doze off. We got home pretty late last night. We had a lot of fun. I can't believe I got 3 guys phone numbers. Zach, Damien, & Dylan. They were all so nice. Of course I won't be calling any of them. I start to pack. ----Elli's POV---- I finish my shower and Danny almost immediately jumps in. I finish getting ready and check my phone. I have some missed calls from Justin. I wonder what he wants. I call him back and he tells me to meet him in the lobby in 5 minuets. I guess I better start going. ----Daniela's POV---- I finish getting ready. I should probably go to the gift shop before I go, I want to get something for my parents. I head down to the lobby. This is really weird. Why are Justin and Elli talking? I make it to the gift shop without them noticing me. I walk in and start looking around & There I see it, from the corner of my eye. I pick the magazine up and almost immediately drop it. I run through the lobby and to my hotel room. I get into the elevator and tears are already falling from my eyes. How could they do this to me? -----Elli's POV----- "WE'RE WHAT!!!!!!" I screamed loud enough I think everyone heard. "Keep it down. I saw this magazine today," Justin hands me the magazine. The cover has a picture of us dancing together, the title reads 'The New Couple' "I can't believe this. What will Cody think. I have to go talk to him NOW." I run up to Cody's room. He answers the door and I explain myself. "Babe, don't worry. I know how the paparazzi is. I think you should go talk to Daniela, I saw her run down the hall covering her face. I called her but she just ran faster. It seemed like she was crying." "Thanks babe." I run to our room, open the door but Danny isn't here. Her stuff is gone. All I find is a lousy note saying: 'I can't believe you would do this to me. You know how I felt. Don't bother looking for me. You won't find me. Bye Areyli.' I start crying. I take the note and run to Justin's room. "Read this Justin" he reads the note and almost immediately calls Danny's phone. "Her phones off. We have to find her!" "Maybe Scooter knows something." We go to Scooters room. He opens the door. "Hey guys what's up?" "Danny, where is she?" "She told me she needed to go home it was an emergency. So I got her the first ticket back to New York." Justin leaves without even saying where he's going. I left there with scooter. "Areyli, what's going on?" I sit on the couch and get ready to explain.
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