Be Alright

She is his opening act and Elli is her bestfriend. Justin is falling for her and she's pushing him away. She wants to keep this professional, while Elli and Cody have instant chemistry. Will Justin find away to sweep her off her feet?


6. Trust Issues.

"Justin, look its true I do like you a lot. But if Scooter finds out its going to worry him; if we break up it'll jeopardize everything. I hope you understand." "Daniela, you can't tell me you didn't feel those sparks when we kissed. "Of course I did,but" "Then don't push what we have away, just five this a shot. Please." "Justin, I don't want to jeopardize this." "You never know until you try." I pause and look over at Elli and Cody. They were such an adorable couple, I want to have a relationship like that. I look back at Justin. He's staring at me nervously.. "Justin, maybe we should give this a shot but secretly I don't want Scooter to be on our case." "Okay I promise he won't find out until we tell him."-------Scooter's POV----- Finally the plane is here. We're quick to board. I check to see if everybody's on. Yupp we're good, I give the pilot the okay and the next thing you know we're off. I look back at Justin and he's sitting next to Daniela. I really hope they aren't together. If they are, I would have no choice but to fire her. I mean yeah I love her, she's a cool person and all but we've been down this rode before. Just look what happened with Jasmin, it would never work. ----Elli's POV---- Holy crap. Danny's birthday is coming up! I have to brainstorm. After 45 minuets of thinking. I've got it! The perfect present. Justin, Cody and I can dance for her and surprise her on stage right before she performs. I'm so smart, I swear I'm awesome. Haha. I fill Cody in on my plan. He loves it, I have to figure out a way to tell Justin with Danny finding out...Hmmmmm. I'll tell him later, hopefully he likes the idea. -----Justin's POV---- We finally arrive in Las Vegas. I'm soooo pumped, the concerts in three days. I get to relax and kick back with my beautiful girlfriend. "Ba..Daniela, I'm going to go get something to eat want anything?" Holy crap. I almost called her babe. I got to be careful. "Yeah sure, I just have to use the bathroom." As soon as Danny goes into the bathroom, Elli runs up to me and explains this crazy plan she has for Danny's birthday. Of course I love it! We agreed to have secret dance lessons every night. We only have three days till Danny's birthday. Wow, I just noticed what a perfect plan this is. Her birthday is on the exact day of the concert. This is going to be amazing. "Good thinking Elli, your so smart!" I give her a high five and notice Danny walking over to us. We stand there in an awkward silence, I hope she doesn't suspect anything. ----Daniela's POV---- Weird...... Elli and Justin are never quiet. They must be up to something. I leave it alone, after what happened today I need to learn to trust them. Even though with what I've been through might just be hard. I start thinking back to my childhood and as soon as I start to tear up, I catch myself. I've tried so hard to take all the memories out of my head, it was working up until now. I hold in all the tears and act normal. Since Justin and I are together now I feel like I should tell him everything. I need to learn how to trust again. "Justin, can we talk?"
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