Be Alright

She is his opening act and Elli is her bestfriend. Justin is falling for her and she's pushing him away. She wants to keep this professional, while Elli and Cody have instant chemistry. Will Justin find away to sweep her off her feet?


8. Not Again.

I ran to my dressing room and locked the door. I need to leave; I refuse to talk to him. I start to pack my things and I hear a knock at the door. "It's Justin, open up please." "Is any one else with you? If there is I refuse to open the door." "Daniela, it's just me." I open the door to let Justin in and lock it again. "Why did you run off?" "Do you remember when I told you that I had trust issues? Well he's the reason for them." "Daniela, what do you mean? He is your father!" "Well not a very good one. He walked out on me when I was three and all he left me was this damn necklace." "But you always talk about your parents." "Yes and in my mother and my stepdad. He's been more of a father than that asshole outside. When I realized he was here to stay I started to call him dad. I tried to get rid of everything I had from my real dad. But I could never get rid of this necklace." I hold the necklace in my hand and stare at it. "Don't you think you should talk to him?" "No Justin, I don't. He doesn't deserve that. He walked out on me to go with his other family and never even bothered to call and now that I'm turning 19 he wants to show up. 16 years later! I want him to leave." "I'm really sorry babe. I didn't know about what happened. If I did I wouldn't have invited him. I'll go ask him to leave." He gives me a hug and walks out. I hear Cody performing on stage. I sit on the couch of my dressing room and watch the rest of the concert on tv. Justin walks back into the room. "He's gone." I stand and walk over to hug him. I can't help but cry on his shoulder. I manage to say thank you. I clean up my runny makeup and look at Justin. "Babe, maybe you should get ready. You go on after Cody." "I know, but I want to make sure your okay." "Yeah I'm fine now that he's gone." Justin kisses me before he leaves. "Have fun babe." "I will hun." He closes the door and I continue to pack my things. I hear the door open again. "Yes Justin?" The door closes and he doesn't respond. I turn to face the door, I drop my bag and freeze. "Hey sweetie, how you been?" "Go away. I don't want to talk to you." "Daniela, it's been 16 years. Let it go." "No I will never forgive you." He touches my arm and I'm in complete disgust. I move away. "Just leave. It's obvious I don't want you here." He moves closer to me. "Wow, you've gotten really beautiful over the years. You look just like your mom." He grabs my waist. Horrid memories start to flow into my mind. "Not again." I hit him hard enough to make him move. I dodge for the door. I manage to get out of the room. I run and scream for help. I find Elli and tell her everything. I cry for hours. We wait for Justin to finish his concert. As soon as he finishes I tell him everything that happened. "Is this why you have trust issues? He raped you didn't he?" I cry historically. "He told me it was a game. I was too young to know anything." I cry even harder. Justin hugs me and tries to comfort me. "I don't feel safe Justin. I know he's still around. He's not going to leave until he gets what he wants." "I'll do everything I can to get him out of here. I'll keep you safe. I promise." We head back to the hotel. Justin tells everyone around us what's going on. They all agree to help. Justin asks me to room with him. He wants to protect me and refuses to leave my side. "What about Elli?" "She can room with Cody." "I guess it's okay then." I need some rest. ******The Next Day****** I wake up to hear Justin singing in the shower. He's too cute. I check my phone and thankfully nothing. I guess I spoke too soon. My phone rings, I don't recognize the number but I pick it up anyway. "Hello?" "Yeah is this Daniela?" The voice sounds so familiar. "Hello, Danny. Answer me. I know it's you." Oh God. It's him. I hang up the phone and throw it across the room. I don't feel safe anywhere. I run to the bathroom and bang on it until Justin comes out. "Justin we need to go, now."
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