Be Alright

She is his opening act and Elli is her bestfriend. Justin is falling for her and she's pushing him away. She wants to keep this professional, while Elli and Cody have instant chemistry. Will Justin find away to sweep her off her feet?


1. I Need To Make Her Mine.

Wow, I'm finally here. I made it. I can already see my name, shining in bright lights. Who knew I'd be here, I come from New York. My name is Daniela and Im 18. I'm one of Justin Bieber's opening acts. I go on right before Cody Simpson does. I've been chosen to go on tour with Justin. I've decided to bring my bestfriend Areyli ( I call her Elli) We've been bestfriends since 8th grade. She's 16 years old. I think she's more excited than me. Now that I'm going to be performing I need backup dancer and Elli is my first choice. She's the best dancer I know. "Danny" I hear my mom calling me. I run down the stars and into the kitchen where she is. "Yes Mom?" "Have you packed already? We have to leave in a couple of hours." "Yeah, I just finished. Let me call Elli and tell her to come over now." "Okay honey" I run back upstairs and call Elli. She's so excited she can barely speak. She manages to tell me she'll be over in 10 minuets. I quickly hop into the shower and make myself look more presentable. I walk out of bedroom and there she was sitting on my bed. "Hey Elli, you ready?" "OMG. I'm so excited!! I'm going to be doing what I love, dancing. The best part is that I'm going to be with you." I smiled from ear to ear and have her a giant hug. "We better go we don't want to be late" "Yeah your right." We walk downstairs and my mom is already waiting for us in the car. We hop into the car and get ready for the 30 minuet ride to the airport. I turn up the radio to the one and only Justin Bieber. Elli starts to sing along. I can't help but join her. We start singing to As Long As You Love Me. We get to the airport after what felt like the longest 30 minuets of life. "Bye Mom, I'll see you at the first concert." "Bye Danny, I love you. Have a safe flight and call me when you land. Bye Elli, make sure she calls me" Elli nods her hear and mom pull is into a hugs and were off. We finally get to our gate and just in time too. We board the plane and get ready to meet the famous Justin in Los Angeles. -------- We arrive in L.A. and to see Scooter waiting for us. He takes us down to the limo and makes small talk. I don't listen to most of it, I am too distracted on the beautiful city. We get to the hotel. Scooter tells us our schedule. We have five days to relax before we leave on tour. We thank him and head up to our room. "This is gorgeous isn't it Elli?" "It's beautiful Danny." We lay down and of course there's a knock on the door. "I got it." I walk over to the door and open it. It's Justin. "Hey I just wanted to come over and introduce myself." I was mesmerized by his beauty, but I have to keep this professional. "Hey Justin, I'm Daniela and this is Areyli." He shakes our hands and tells us to meet him at 7 in the lobby. Apparently, we're going out to dinner. ------JUSTIN'S POV-------
I go into my room. Damn, she's beautiful. Everything about her. Shes just perfect. I have to keep this professional though. I hop into the shower and can't help but to think about her. I need to make her mine. Even if its secretly.
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