Be Alright

She is his opening act and Elli is her bestfriend. Justin is falling for her and she's pushing him away. She wants to keep this professional, while Elli and Cody have instant chemistry. Will Justin find away to sweep her off her feet?


7. Betrayal.

Damn, I really shouldn't have said anything. I'm not sure I can trust him yet. Justin looks at me worriedly and says "Of course, what's wrong?" Uh what do I say now.... "Uh, I have trust issues. Really big ones, I'm not sure I want to tell you what made me this way yet." "You can trust me, you now that Daniela." "I know but that's not what this is about. It's just that I've never told anyone and Im not sure how." "Okay just tell me whenever your ready babe, I'm always going to be here." "Im sorry, I know I shouldn't have brought it up if I wasn't going to say anything. I'm sorry I thought I was ready but I'm not. I'm not ready to talk about it." "Babe it's okay, I understand." "Thank you." He leans in to kiss me but with our luck I spot Scooter and I quickly stop Justin. "Hey Scooter..." "Hey guys, I just came to let you know we only have like 45 minuets." "Okay, thanks." Scooter walks away and as soon as he is out of sight, I kiss Justin. I love being around him, I love being with him. We walk around for about 10 minuets, we find a subway and grab a quick bite to eat. We finish up and head over to meet up with everyone else. I'm can't believe I even considered leaving. Hanging out with Justin is so much fun and to think we have 6 months to spend together. We arrive at the hotel and we have three days to ourselves. Me and Elli are rooming together as always.------Elli's POV----- "Hey Danny." "Hey Elli. Do you have anything planned for tonight? I wanted to have a girls night." Crap. I have rehearsals for her surprise birthday dance. "Uh.., yeah I have a date with Cody. Sorry, maybe tomorrow during the day?" "Uh yeah, sure." I immediately pull out my phone and text Justin and Cody. I remind them about our late night rehearsals, I told Cody to say we have a date. I find an excuse to leave our hotel room. As soon as I'm out I dodge for Justin's room. I knock on the door until he answers. "Elli?" I run inside his room. "Hey, Danny might ask you to go out tonight. We have our rehearsal." "Yeah she just texted me." "Okay, I got to you on time then." I say my goodbyes to Justin and leave the room without anyone noticing. Hopefully my plan comes out perfectly. ----JUSTIN'S POV----- I text Danny back and say I have a meeting with some magazine. Hopefully she doesn't catch in to this. I want to give her the world for her birthday. I start brainstorming for some other things to get her. Maybe a nice necklace. No, that would be pointless she wears the necklace her dad got her when she was 3. She never takes it off. Then I got an amazing idea. -----Daniela's POV----- Well, I guess tonight is going to be a spa night. Everyone else is busy. Wow, my birthday is in three days. I'm going to be 19. Time flies!
Wow, these three days have flown by. I feel kind of weird though. I feel like everyone's ignoring me. Everyone seems to be busy at night, I don't get it. But anyways, today is the first concert. It's also my birthday. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I jump up to see Justin, Elli, Cody and Scooter in my hotel room with a giant cake. I get up an thank everyone. I give hugs and kisses. Everyone leaves and I'm left alone. We have a busy day ahead of us. I'm extremely nervous, but it helps not thinking about it. I get dressed for a sound check. I get to the arena and I'm immediately escorted to my dressing room. I rehearse for what feels like thousands of hours. I only have two hours to rest and get dressed. Within five minuets some girl rushes into my dressing room, it's my makeup artist. I sit in the chair and my makeup is done within 15 minuets. The makeup girl rushes out and my hair stylist comes in almost immediately after. The whole process took about an hour. I'm left with 45 minuets to get dressed. I put on a cute dress and some heels. I'm not going to be doing much dancing anyway. I finish getting ready and I add the finishing touches. Scooter walks in "Ten minuets Danny." "Got it." I rush out of the room and I bump into Justin. "Hey Danny, good luck tonight." "Thank you, you too." It's time. I walk out on stage and sing a few covers. After I sing about four songs. Justin walks on stage. I'm completely surprised. Elli and Cody are alongside Justin. They do this huge dance. I can't help myself, I start crying. Tears if joy of course. Those tears quickly turn into tears of betrayal as soon as he walked out from back stage. I can't take it. I run off of stage. All I want to do is disappear.
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