Harry Styles's Valentine

This is part of the 1SHOT41D short paragraph on your Valentines Day with One Direction please like and favourite.


1. Harry Styles's Valentine

Erinn's POV:


I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing, it was the love of my life Harry. it read "Good morning, to the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, simply follow the simple steps I left beside our bed ;), love Hazza <3" a huge smile grew across my face as I turned over to find a sheet of paper lining on the side of the bed where Harry once lay. "Morning babe, just follow the petals !!" that's when I looked at the ground and notice the petal scattered across the room, and leading me out the door. I was wearing only, one of Harry's T-shirts and my underwear. I skipped along the path of petals until I came across another note lying on the floor, it said "turn right and look under your dressing gown in the bathroom, Hazza." I done as it instructed and went towards the bathroom. I lifted up my dressing gown and out dropped a box in the shape of a love heart. I opened the box and it was full of delicious-looking chocolates. This boy loves to spoil me. I took the box with me and was about to walk back out the door when I was another note stuck to the door. "Go to the living room and look under the 1st cream sofa, Hazza." I practically ran to the living room and went over to the first cream sofa. I got on my hands and knees and looked under the sofa. There was and envelope. As i picked up the envelope I was beginning to think it was more than just a card, and it was, it was two tickets to Il De Re, in France. OH MY GOD HARRY EDWARD STYLES WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME !!! I literally screamed. When I was just caught my breath from the excitement I looked up to find yet another love note, this one said "Sadly this is going to be the last clue, its as simple as this........ COME FIND ME !!!!" The first thing that came to my head was to shout his name. "HARRY." there was no answer. I waited a few seconds before running around the house like an idiot shouting for Harry. There was only one place left to check, the place where it all had started, our bedroom. As I approached the door I noticed that the lights were off and the curtains were closed. I suddenly knew he was in there. As quietly as I could I crept into our room. I closed the door so there was no way he could escape. I walked towards the bed when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. I let out a small yelp, but suddenly felt soft kisses being placed on my neck. I tilted my head to the side allowing him more space. I turned in his arms so that I was know facing him. It was hard to see with the dark but his emerald green eyes could be spotted from the other side of the world. I slowly lent in pressing my lips to his. They moved in sync, passionate but soft. We broke apart for breath. "Happy Valentines Day beautiful, I love you."     " I love you too Harry." Harry leaves your side and walks over and turns the lights on. You rub your eyes in shock. The whole room is covered in petals and paper love hearts. You turn to Harry and you realise he is down on one knee. You know what's going to happen straight away. "Erinn you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I never want to leave you, would you please do my the favour of being with me for the rest of my life, by marrying me ????" "YES HARRY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!" 



I hope you like it ;) !!!!!

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