The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


8. The secret

''Harry hun, can you please get me some water?'' Cat said

Me, Lex&Hazza were sitting in the hotelroom the other boys were gone to Nando's.

''Sure Babe, Just a sec'' And Harry was gone.

''Okay, so listen you bitches'' Cat started ''I don't want you anywhere near Me and Harry So if he comes back I want you guys to get your ass out of here''

''Why should we? We got to know them first'' Lex answered '' and by the way your not our boss''

''Yeah, nut if you don't back off I'll tell your little secret to anyone.''

My heart got an attack. No no-one could know that secret.



*flashback*- 3 years ago-


''Give it back''

''No, What does it say?- Dear Diary, I think i'm in love with this guy called Trevor. He's so cute. He said he liked me too and is taking me on a date next week, AHHHH i can't wait it will be the best day of my life. Everybody came up to me this week when he kissed me on my cheek this week, They told me I was lucky, but i could see the jealousy in their eyes. I was so happy. I had the courage to say ''Ha, In your Face Bitchh'' But that would be odd wouldn't it?''

''Cat, your not allowed to read this, this stuff is private''

Don't worry, My Girl, I won't tell anyone about it, By Th Way we are BFF's and i'm supposed to read this stuff who else will.''



''Shannon Star if she grows up,'' I answerd


Flashback ends


'' Wait, what secret?'' Alexis asked 

''Did you not tell her? Well basically, Shannon...''

''No, Shut up Cat, common Lexi we'll leave'' I said

''You better do...''



And we left...





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