The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


7. The schoolnurse

''Is she alright now?'' Harry asked.

'' Yeah, I am not able to see why she can't walk but she seems perfectly fine to me''

'' Okay com'mon lets go'' I said

''Yeah Cat, why don't you join us?'' Harry asked her

''No, Don't ask her to join us, She's mean and evil'' Alexis said

'' Don't be so mean guys, You are the mean ones now, She hasn't said a single thing about you, Stop it'' Liam said

'' Yeah, I try to be your friend but you never let me, I think your really nice and pretty, Shannon'' She said

''Yeah Whatever'' I replied. She won't be tricking me with her filthy lies.

'' And, Alexis as it contains you,'' She went on,'' You are a really nice girl and I love the way you help people.''

''Guys, I dont have time for this bullshit, can we leave?'' Alexis asked '' I don't care if she comes or not, I just don't want her hanging next to me''

'' Yeah me too, As long as she doesn't come in my personal space'' I said

''Lets go then''




Niall's P.O.V



I don't know why but I was on the Alexis' side. I don't have a good feeling about this Cat. If she wasn't so evil the girls would have never stopped us from hanging out with them. I need to get Alexis' alone to ask her what Cat did.


I was just thinking what could have been happening when Zayn came to me.

 ''What are you thinking about?'' Zayn asked

''Nothing,and you''

'' Should I tell you something?'' He said]

I wonder what it would be.

''Ofcourse, Aren't we more than friends?''

''Well, I don't think that Cat is speaking the truth, I mean why would Shannon speak like that she's so nice to everybody, remeber the first time we saw her? She was so nice to us.''


Oh God! He's got the same feeling I can't let him know what I think, Not YET


''What that's ridiculous'' I said '' She has said so nice things about them hasn't she, No Enemy can say such nice things''


Zayn walked away without saying anything. He went walking next to Shannon. and whisperd something in her ear.

and they held each others hand walking.


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