The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


9. The New Girl

''Shannon, You can tell me anything''

''I know Lex, and I totally trust you, It's just...''

''Italian Pizza for two'' The Waitress from the Italian restraunt said, She was wering a red and white striped hoody with dark jeans and Jordan Air underneath, She had long brown hair and had it tied back in a high ponytail.

She was wearing a badge that said: Hello, my name is...


Do you know where this is going are you liking your surprise so far?


''Simmy, your duty is over! you can leave now!'' The manager said


What do you think about my little surprise I know it sucks but I need someone in the story who can kick Cat's butt.

''Okay thanks'' She wanted to walk away when she looked in my eyes

''Hey girl Are you alright?'' she asked me ''Can I help you with something?''

''I am fine, You carry on with your work I don't want your salary taken of because of me.''

''Well actually my shift is over and even I need someone to talk to so maybe..''

I looked in Alexis eyes. Alexis nodded

''Okay take a seat,'' I said '' It was 3 years ago me and Cat used to be best friends.''

''Wait did you just say Cat?'' Simmy asked

''Yeah, Cat Valentine'' Alexis said '' I hate that girl, Why do you know her?''

''No, never heard of that name'' Simmy started acting weird after hearing Cat's name

''Simmy, are you hiding something, do you now anything about Cat?'' I asked

''Well, Yeah that's the girl that threatens me every time''

''Why, What does she know about you?

''It was 1 month ago; I met Cat in a fair on a ferriswheel...''



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