The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


5. The Lessons

''You are late'' Mr. Kennedy said. But the expression on his face changed as he saw the One Direction Boys.

''Oh aren't you guys the famous boy band One Direction?'' He asked. Harry nodded '' yeah and we've just joined the school''

Harry looked around to see his classmates, well actually to spot any pretty girls, cause Liam is taken by Danielle, Louis by Eleanor, Niall by Alexis and he had a feeling that after his break up with Perrie Zayn would be dating Shannon.

'' Take a seat guys''

Niall and Alexis held each others hands and walked to the table. They sat together, Louis sat with Liam and Harry with Chelsea. That's why Zayn and Shannon had to sit together. They walked to their tables and took a seat behind Alexis and Niall.


''Okay, so today we're going to learn Algebra

The first question is for Zayn: add -5 with 7

''Erm, Is it 3?'' He guessed

''No Zayn, Your unlucky it's 2, but Shannon is really good at Algebra she can help you.'' He said

Zayn looked at me, For a minute I thought he was staring, but he just wanted to ask me something

''Is it true that your good at Algebra?''

''Yeah kinda''

''Would you like to tutor me, I need really high grades this time''

'' erm sure, Just come to me in Lunch-'' He didn't let me finish

'' No I was wondering if you could come over''

''Yeahh, Suree, just give me your address and i'll-''

'' No, I want you to call me'' And he gave me the prettiest smile I had ever seen.

'' This is my number'' He said

And Niall heard it cause he shouted:'' The Love Birds are busy again''

I started to blush and looked away and Zayn held my hand from under the table.



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