The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


2. The Dream

'' I think, you all are curious about the new students that are joining the school, first of all I want to say that the boys don't want anyone being hyper''; said miss Timms '' You all might know them . I know that some of the girls in the class have been talking about them.'' I looked in Alexis' eyes, She was sitting in front of me. Could it be? No of course not. But still there was a hope in my heart. I hoped... Chelsea looked at me and knew what I was thinking of, She hit with her elbow and woke me up from my thoughts and whispered: '' Stop dreaming it can never happen.'' 

I knew she was right but I just couldn't stop thinking about it.'' I know , your right there like superstars and they would never come to such a small town. Alexis looked at me with sympathy, She knew that I loved One Direction and that I wanted to meet them, And she also knew that my parents wouldn't be able to afford their concert.'' Its okay, You can come with me to the concert next year, You also have a job now.'' She said '' and until that time you will have more money than needed for the concert.  '' Shut up Alexis&Shannon and turn your head to the front ''; Miss Timms said, '' You both should be listening right now, Cause I know YOU would really like the news.'' She said '' Yes Miss'' 

Miss Timms went on ; '' The boys don't want to much fans, erm.. people around them''


My heart began to beat really fast, Did she say fans or was it just me? I tried to bring the info that she gave to us together. She said

-That it were boys

-That we know them

-That the girls talk about them.

-They didn't want fans/people around

-Alexis might like the news.


*knocking on the door*

'' Oh god there here Lets welcome the new students...''




My alarm clock went on.

I was sad cause I wanted to know who it was. But it was school today. 

In less than a hour I would know who it was, And I couldn't wait.




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