The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


4. The Boys

When I got in the school everybody was in their class already. My first lesson was Music and my books were in the locker, I was walking to the locker when I saw Alexis standing there with a Boy, He had blond hair and was wearing a green cardigan. He was standing with his back towards me. When I got closer, I saw that Alexis had cried. I ran towards her

''Alexis, What happened, You have cried I can see that, Tell me who did this?'' I was so busy talking to her that I didn't even notice the boy who was talking to her.


Suddenly a smile appeared on her face.

'' Oh, This just happened because I saw someone I really loved, and I know that you have waited for this moment for a long time and that the same is going to happen to you''


I didn't get it, What was she talking about, And suddenly I heard some boys laughing. I looked behind me, and couldn't believe my eyes


One Direction was standing behind me!




I couldn't believe it. The moment I had waited all my life for, The moment I always dreamed of, The moment I thought would never come was just become true. 



I got tears in my eyes. How could this be? How could they be here? I looked at Alexis for help. She was smiling and said


''Remember I told you that I knew something about the boys, They tweeted it, See it For your self


Zayn Malik @zaynmalik

Joining new school tomorrow in Northampton. We wanted to join the studies again. 

Can't wait for tomorrow.




''Guys This is my best friend Shannon. And Zayn she is all yours.''  Zayn blushed.

''aww, do I see someone blushing?'' I hit Alexis with my elbow.

'' Let me talk,'' She said '' And as you already know I love Niall''

'' I Love you too,'' Niall said

'' Does anyone even love us?'' Harry asked  

''Just wait and watch,'' Alexis said '' But come lets go the class.''



  And then I suddenly thought about my dream. How come I had this feeling? Can I maybe...?


No of course not that's not possible.






Sorry guys but I'm not good at writing stories sorry for if it's to boring. Sorry Alexis If you didn't like I might just stop 

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